Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 645: Door Decs

College is a great place to explore just how Disney you can make something without it screaming over-obsessed Disney fan. Honestly, it's sort of a fine line, one that I probably cross way too often (and that goes for OUAT too). But I like to think that as many hints of Disney as I have around my dorm room, it doesn't scream that, and that's what I try to accomplish. Because believe it or not, there are ways to bring Disney into your dorm room. Really easy and clever ways actually.

This past weekend we had a couple of days off, meaning that I could spare basically an entire day working on projects for my dorm room. Since I have less homework than my roommates, I often need something to keep me busy, so I set about the room working on other projects. I put up the Christmas lights, I take care of our pet gerbil Melvin (more on him at a later date though...), and I put up decorations. I rather like it because it offers me a chance to be more creative when generally I just spend my days in a practice room or sitting reading Shakespeare or something. You don't get to make fun posters or anything in college, so when there's a chance for me to bring something I made into the dorm room, you bet I'm going to take up that offer.

So I made us some door decorations. Our previous ones were what we assumed to be sloths, but honestly I don't think we'll ever be totally sure. Either way, we decided that we needed a change of decoration for October, so I made us some new ones.

I searched the internet for quite some time before stumbling across these Monsters Inc. inspired door decorations, and while they're probably not good for an RA looking to make 30 or 40 of such decorations, it worked pretty well for the four of us, and you know, sometimes I hear people stop to look at our door, not knowing that I'm sitting so close to the other side as they comment on how cool these door decs are. It makes me feel pretty accomplished.

Plus, you can't really deny that they're pretty adorable.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 10).