Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 658: Two Years of Hook

While I, surprisingly enough, have yet to rewatch last night's episode of Once Upon A Time, I felt like a blog post on it was necessary. After last season I decided to only blog about episodes when I could come up with a real, legitimate topic about them aside from my regularly scheduled freakouts over CaptainSwan and Colin O'Donoghue, but Colin did tweet something last night that kind of put things into this weird perspective.

Colin tweeted this near the end of the episode, and it instantly made me feel pretty sentimental. He's right, absolutely right. Two years ago (two years from tomorrow actually), Hook came onto our screens for the very first time and we were all probably a little bit astonished at the lack of waxed mustache and perm. I don't really remember much about my reaction to Once from back then, other than my usual freaking out (which was no where near what it is today), and when it comes to Hook, a lot of that lack of memory is due to the fact that he didn't become my favorite character until the second time I watched Season Two. Apparently I was blind the first time and was incapable of realizing the amazingness that is Colin O'Donoghue. Boy has my life changed. 

The reason this tweet made me so sentimental is due to a few reasons though. First, it's a connection to that first time we did see Hook. In fact, all of 4x04 was a connection to it. In 2x04, we saw Killian Jones the pirate, we saw Killian Jones in love and we saw Killian Jones loose his hand and become Captain Hook. In 4x04 we saw Killian Jones the pirate, we saw Killian Jones in love and we saw Killian Jones loose his hand and become, well, Captain Hook. And to top it all off, I loved the reprise of the Rumpelstiltskin/Hook rivalry, which I am also dreading at the same time. I love it because of the two brilliant actors. Robert Carlyle and Colin O'Donoghue play off of one another, each as characters that are villains, and as enemies, in a perfect combination of the story the began oh so long ago. I think of all the things I loved in last night's episode, that duo is one of my favorites. 

But even more so, that tweet becomes sentimental for me because I do actually care about these people. It became blatantly obvious this past week when there was an increase of hate in the fandom, especially on Twitter. I won't get into the entire thing, but there was hate send to Colin, and that was the final straw for me. These are real people, just as I am a real person, and I think on some level I probably care so much because I write this blog. I, sort of, know that there are people out there reading, and these a little bit of me that hopes someone out there cares as I go on and on about Disney and Once and Band and Spaceship Earth. This is what I love doing, just as Colin loves acting, and I can definitely relate to that. Plus, somewhere along the line, while none of us really ever truly know one another through the internet, there's still a bit of a connection there. It's the reason many fans, myself included, attempt to get tweets back from the actors. It's because they're just as much a part of the community as we are. And when you care enough about something, you become happy when things are going well and sad when things aren't. 

Once didn't mean as much to me two years ago as it means to me today, that's for sure. I hardly even knew who Colin was until a year ago, and as a matter of fact, I didn't follow most of the cast on twitter a year ago either. But just as Once is important to Colin, it's important to me. It gives me inspiration and hope and happiness, and he's a part of that. So of course that tweet is sentimental for me. The past two years have been a rollercoaster for all of us, and that's something every single one of us can understand, myself and the cast of OUAT included. 

Later in the week I'll have a specific post dedicated to some of my favorite Hook moments to celebrate these two years as well, but I'll explain that when we get to it! =)

Have a magical day!