Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 649: CaptainSwan Tea

I generally don't like tea. I really, truly don't. I feel like there's this fine line between the coffee drinker and the tea drinker (not to say you can't like both because then boy would I be a hypocrite), but for some reason the majority of us like one or the other and simply can't understand how the opposite adores the drink so similar yet different from our own favorite. Wow, even just trying to say that was confusing.

The point? Tea and coffee really aren't that different. I mean, they're both hot beverages, both can contain caffeine (or not), both are loved by many, you can put cream and sugar in both and both are totally something you can drink any time of day (although I feel coffee is a bit of a bad idea come 11 at night unless your cramming for a test or something). My parents like tea, and I like coffee, and none of us can ever understand how the other likes their own beverage.

Personally, I've always found tea to be bland. If I'm going to drink water that's hot I'm going to drink water that's hot, and what in the world would be the point in drinking plain hot water? I'm probably more on the coffee train because I've always been a fan of hot chocolate and not as much a fan of apple cider. There's fine lines here people, fine lines.

But then, on a whim, I ordered some tea online.

Once fans may have heard about this tea weeks ago. Some crazy awesome people out there seem to spend much more of their day thinking about their OTP (if that's even possible), coming up with brilliant fanart or products along the lines of our favorite ships. This tea is one of those things. Jennifer Morrison, Colin O'Donoghue and Adam Horowitz all commented on it. I was supposed to be looking for a new phone case but ended up buying tea. Megan said it was a good investment though. This way all my roommates and I can share the tea and have all the comforts of being brought home.

And for real. This tea is actually really, really good. I don't know why though either. Maybe it's because it's the perfect combination of chai, Irish breakfast tea, coconut and cinnamon. Maybe it's because I'm just really cold all the time and tea is good for warming you up. Or maybe it's because it's CaptainSwan. I'm not really sure, but this tea is delicious, and it comes in the most adorable tin too!

And oddly enough, Jennifer Morrison and I got our CaptainSwan tea on the same day. I take that as some sort of weird accomplishment. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 20).