Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 889: InstaDisney Food

One of the things I'm most grateful for, especially in the past year or so, is the spectacular group of Instagrammers I've gotten the chance to know. Honestly these are some of the greatest people, and it's wonderful because we all get to share our love of Disney together, growing excited when one of us heads to the parks, and sad again when they return home.

But let's take a step back for a second so I can explain. Normally when we travel to Walt Disney World we arrange for one table service meal a day, leaving us with roughly one counter service meal a day. However, on this trip we had fewer reservations (I only had the Rebel Hangar), opening up plenty of time to try new treats from throughout the parks. The only problem was that I eat at the same places every time, and with increased opportunity, I didn't know where to go. So I went to the best people to find the answer: Instagram!

So on my first day of the trip, I posted the above picture with a call for my followers to share some of their favorite Magic Kingdom treats with me and I would try as many as possible throughout my trip! Luckily, I got several of them...

First, Stephanie (seashoresweets) recommended a Citrus Swirl, which I'd never actually had before! Normally I'm not a huge ice cream person, but this was delicious, at least it was one I got it to stop melting long enough to take a picture! 

Next Monica (DailyPrincessLife) clued me in on the Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel from the Lunching Pad, which honestly was like heaven. I love cream cheese, I love pretzels, I love Disney, and boy was it ever a perfect match! 

My good friend Scott (Disneyscott98) told me I had to test out the Mac & Cheese with Breadcrumbs from the Friar's Nook in Fantasyland. I wasn't dissapointed. This is easily some of the best mac and cheese I've had, and I can't wait to return to try the other flavors too!

Paul (paulyvs) reommended a classic, which was already on my list as it's my personal favorite Magic Kingdom treat: The Dole Whip! I can't eat fresh pineapple due to an allergy so the dole whip is actually one of the greatest things in the world. It's lactose free AND it doesn't set off my pineapple allergy. When I've got one in hand, especially when sporting my Dole Whip bow from Magic Ribbons, I'm just about the happiest girl in all of Disney World. 

And while not technically a reccomendation on Instagram and not techncially at Magic Kingdom, I have to mention the S'mores Cupcake from Wilderness Lodge. I was a little afraid that I wasn't going to get one, but I managed to find one the day before I left. For a cupcake lover like myself, this little thing was absolutely a win. I've had s'mores cupcakes before, but nothing like this! You can bet I'll be trying it at home ASAP! 

Thanks to everyone on Instagram who suggested treats for me to try out! I have a couple left for the next trip that I'm saving too!

Before we finish up here though, I have to ask my blog readers for my next trip! What are some of your favorite Magic Kingdom treats or snacks? What about at Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom! Leave your suggestion in the comments and you never know, you might end up with a mention in one of my vlogs or here on Everyday Disney! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on June 23 due to travel).