Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 910: Another Time Around

Some people probably think it's ridiculous that I watch all of Once Upon A Time every summer, but at this point it's basically a tradition. A tradition that just so happens to lead me right up to the premiere of the next season, making time go much, much faster. So I figured that, in honor of my rewatch, I would share my top five favorite episodes of Once Upon A Time. Trust me, this was a hard choice...a really, really hard choice, because I have so many favorites, but there are definitely a few episodes that stand out to me as favorites overall in comparison to favorite scenes.

In  order of apperance in the series, here are my top five:

1x01: Pilot

You honestly can't beat the Pilot of Once Upon A Time. I remember 2011, sitting in front of my televison as I started the series and reading those ever popular words, "Once Upon A Time." For a pilot, this show certainly did it right, and I think there were many of us ready to stick with this show from day one. From the Enchanted Forest with all its wonders, true love's kiss as shared by Snow and Charming in the opening scene, to Emma Swan with her red leather jacket and little yellow bug, I know I was stuck from day one, and watching the pilot is always one of my favorite things to do.

1x04: The Price of Gold

Oddly enough, one of my all time favorite episodes actually occurred very early on. At this point in the series we knew so little about Rumpelstiltskina and the deals he struck, so this was really one of the first moments we had a chance to see his true self, not to mention we got to watch OUAT's version of Cinderella, whom I adore and always love to see back on the show! I think what I really love about this episode was just the way it twisted and turned the original fairytale. I came back to it time and time again while working on my thesis for my Fairy Tale paper and it's definitely just stuck with me.

3x05: Good Form

Now we skip ahead to Season 3, not to say that there weren't spectacular episodes stuck in there, but Good Form was just one of those episodes that you never least not if you're a CaptainSwan shipper. Good Form held the moment our ship became canon, but for me, as a huge fan of Hook, it was really the first time we got to see some of his pre-pirate backstory. I adore Captain Hook and I adore Killian Jones, so getting to catch a glimpse into that past was a treasure, pun intended.

3z21&3x22: Snow Drifts & There's No Place Like Home

So technically this might be six episodes by the time we get done, but you can't say half of a season finale and call it good. OUAT has done the two hour season finale "movie" for two seasons now, and I've loved every second of each of them. However, the Season 3 finale will always hold a special place in my heart. Maybe it was the fact that it was a CaptainSwan movie and Hook was definitely in 75% of the episodes, or maybe because it was just simply brilliant, who knows. Actually, it's probably because we got two Hooks at once. Can't say you punched yourself in the face every day...or ever hopefully.

Also, can someone make me that dress?

4x16: Poor Unfortunate Soul 

This was one of those episodes where I had no idea going into it just how much I'd end up loving it, but this episode is by far my favorite of Season 4. Again, Hook is all over the place, but there was something extra magical about Ursula's story and how it wove in with the others. Plus we had one of the most meaningful CaptainSwan moments in the that definitely helps. But I'm not joking, the CaptainSwan was just bonus. I loved it long before that "Happy Ending" scene.

Now, for those who may not be caught up, I won't give any spoilers away further, but I know for a fact that this next season is going to be an absolutely crazy one. With everything they've explored so far, I couldn't be more excited to see where things go next. Of course, maybe my ship has seen better days, but she'll weather the storm, and by the end, I certainly know everyone will live Happily Ever After.

Well..I hope so. With Adam and Eddy you can never really predict these things.

Have a magical day!