Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 894: Cupcake Crazy

For those of you that may just be joining us here at Everyday Disney, I really, really, really like to make cupcakes, and not to feed my ego or anything, but apparently I'm good at making them too. I've made cupcakes for most of my friends, each with a different flavor that they pick, so when Ashley asked me to make cupcakes for her graduation party, of course I said yes!

Little did I know what I had in store. 100 cupcakes. Well, 200 actually, but 100 for her party. Four flavors were made and one entire day spent making cupcakes like a crazy person. I'm pretty proud of the final product though, some of which was most certainly inspired by Disney!

We'll start with the non-Disney cupcakes, like this carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting and candied carrots on the top. These were actually pretty easy to make, and to be honest I didn't even get to try one so I have absolutely no idea how they were....

These Lemon Meringue  cupcakes were definitely a fan-favorite and I'm sure they'll be back in the future. Even my friends who said they normally don't like lemon told me they liked these little guys, although I'm sure some of them picked one up simply because it had the torched top. Because yes, I sat with a culinary torch and roasted the top of each and every little lemon meringue cupcake. 

And now we get into the Disney cupcakes. Long-time followers might remember these Grey Stuff Cupcakes, which are definitely one of my most requested...and one of the first specialty cupcakes I made about a year ago. They're actually Ashley's favorite, so of course they had to be at the party, and let me tell's been over a week since her party and we just finished the last of the grey stuff the other day. 

Finally we have my personal favorite, the Butterfinger Cupcake. I've blogged time and time again about these cupcakes and how I find inspiriation from those served at Hollywood Studios pretty much every time it's frost your own cupcake night on campus. Oh yes, I love my butterfinger cupcakes, so when we decided to add them on as the fourth flavor for her party, I spent a good portion of time debating whether to make the legitimate version or a more regular version. As you can see, Disney won out. These aren't HARD to make, but they just take a LONG time. I made 24 of them and it probably took me at leats 3 hours to finish them all. Just as at Disney, it's a chocolate cupcake, the center is taken out and filled with a chocolate fudge, the center is placed back on, a thick buttercream is piped around it and upwards, they're frozen for around 20 minutes to let the frosting harden, then dipped in chocolate and covered with crushed butterfingers. Yeah...not so simple, and not for the basic cupcake maker either. However, once you've had one of these on a smaller scale, you'll be making them forever. The Butterfinger Cupcakes at Disney are huge, but these you can make whatever size you want...which also means you can eat two instead of just the one at Disney. 

If you're interested in any of the recipes, let me know below! The grey stuff cupcakes don't have a specific recipe, and the others I just found online and modified as needed, but I can do my best to help you towards your own cupcake dreams! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This Blog Post Was Written on June 24 due to travel).