Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 893: Disney World Mini Haul

Disney World definitely means shopping...because as Disney fans we basically earn our money to give right back to Disney, which is actually a common problem for us! However, since I recently went on two trips, I figured I would make this into one post to share items from both! First, obviously, I went to Walt Disney World, where I really didn't spend that much, and then this past week I tagged along on the band trip as their videographer. We headed to Minnesota for four days and that meant a stop at the Mall of America...and you know what's at the Mall of America? A DISNEY STORE!

Let's start with all the Starbucks awesomess that I got in Florida, including the amazing tumbler that you can see above and two more of the You Are Here Series mugs down below! I'm only missing the Disneyland mugs and Animal Kingdom mug, all of which I'm excited to get my hands on as the year continues so I can have my complete Disney set! 

Now, I wasn't planning on getting any Vinylmation this trip, but when I made my way through Darth's Mall and found this set for Star Wars Weekends, I was done. They were coming home. 

Also at Star Wars Weekends, you might remember this glow fighter from the Rebal Hangar or other locations during the event. Mom got one and gave it to me, as Jonny ordered one with his drink but I couldn't get one because I just had water. 

Thinking ahead to later this year, I'm all ready for a new iPhone with a Disney case to put on right away! It actually matches my current phone case because sometimes you find a case you love so much that you just don't want to get rid of it...even when you get a bigger phone! 

One of the things specifically on my list for Walt Disney World this trip was my own set of Minnie Ears, which I found at Magic Kingdom in the middle of the trip! You can bet they'll be making more appearances as time goes on! 

And of course, did you really think I would leave without some new Tsum Tsums to add to my collection! I always get them in multiples of three so I can stack them easily, bringing my current count up to 12! I couldn't resist the adorable Inside Out characters of Joy and Sadness, and Duffy just had to happen! 

Speaking of Inside Out, I found these adorable mugs at the Disney Store at the Mall of America and knew instantly that they'd be coming home with me! I joked with my friends in Minnesota that I'd come home and the first thing my parents would say would be "You didn't get the whole set?" and sure enough, that prediction came true. I just figured that with my already extensive mug collection they wouldn't really appreaciate me returning home with SIX new mugs. So I only brought three. 

Also at Mall of America, we happened upon a little store called Marbles "The Brain Store," where we spent a solid half hour playing around with various things. It was a spectacular store and I definitely recommend checking it out if you have one near you! It was there that I picked up this little model Millennium Falcon, which I'll be sure to share once it's completed! 

And finally we found Chapel, the Hat Store Chain that just opened a shop at Disney Springs! Jonny got a hat from the one at Disney a few weeks ago, so when I found this Sunhat at the Mall of America shop, I knew it was the perfect buy! I can't wait to wear it out at California this August! 

As you can see, I'm pretty happy with everything I got this trip, although there are two little things not pictured: My Star Wars Weekends Pin and my Wilderness Lodge pin, which I had already put away in the cases by the time I took the pictures, and taking them back out of the cases takes time! It's probably noteworthy how little stuff there is, especially considering the fact that this is from TWO trips and not just one (although one wasn't to Disney technically), especially since in just a few months I'll come back from Disneyland with an extra suitcase probably. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on June 23 due to travel).