Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 897: Looking Back

Apparently June is going to be flashback month because thanks to more YouTube videos, we've got more to look back at! This time, instead of last June, I'm thinking back to January, as at this point (when I'm writing this at least), five of the vlogs from that trip have gone live! So let's travel back in time together!

The first day of any trip can be pretty boring, but I think despite the fact that we were all super jetlagged and sick and tired, we did pretty well. Then again, it's hard to mask the pure magic that is Disney, especially when you finally return home! 

I have to mention that this second day reminded me why I loved vlogging in the Disney parks. I edited it about a month ago now and was just astonished by how happy it made me. Vlogging can really take a toll on you, not that it isn't fun. But you've got to be thinking about it, and even now, after the band trip video is done, I had the camera on almost all the time, filming our experiences. Of course, when you return home you still have to edit it. But this vlog gave me the encouragement to quickly edit the rest of the January vlogs, all of which will be up on my YouTube before the end of July. 

Day 3 brought new adventures for everyone, most notably Tower of Terror, which I had basically no interest in going on. We also, however, had a chance to see the Osborne Lights on their last night for the season, which if the rumors are true, could actually be their last night in this form ever! 

We only spent one day at Animal Kingdom this trip, which is pretty usual for us, but in this video you're treated to what my brother calls "Jonny Cam." Good luck, that's all I can say. 

The last vlog that is up at the moment is another of my all time favorites, where we spent literally an entire day meeting characters and doing little else. My brother mentioned to me before the trip that he wanted to do a Dapper Day, so we made it happen, and the Princesses certainly made our lives interesting! 

And that's all for now. What's left? Another day at Magic Kingdom, some Hollywood Studios and, of course, MORE EPCOT! A new Disney Trip vlog is posted every Tuesday on my YouTube channel, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on June 24 due to travel).