Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 892: Missing Frank and Shovell

My friends and I have talked for years about them accompanying my family on a trip to Walt Disney World, and when they finally got to go with me last June on the band trip, I really didn't expect them to tag along in January of 2015 too, but boy was I ever glad they did. However, now I've experienced Walt Disney World with my two best friends, and now going without them not only seems wrong, but also incredibly sad. There was just something missing without them by my side, and I continuously kept wanting to be like "Hey Shovell look at..." or saying "Frank would love this."

I should probably stop and explain for a second. Shovell is Megan's nickname, which really wasn't something I came up with. In fact, I wasn't even there when it started, but now I'm one of the only people who call her that. Calling her Megan now seems weird. And Frank...that was one nickname I WAS there for, as it's the nickname we gave Ashley to keep her straight from our roommate, who's also named Ashley. So that's Frank and Shovell...and yes, I missed them a lot of this trip to Walt Disney World.

But it seems that while they couldn't be with me, they had some fun of their own with Cardboard Colin! You all know the lifesize cutout of Colin I got from a friend months ago, and he now stands in my room. Because my trip wasn't going so well, Frank and Shovell went on a bit of a mission to cheer me up, and did they ever. So I present to you, as written by Frank and Shovell, "The Adventures of Cardboard Colin."

" Cardboard Colin having his morning coffee!"

"This is Cardboard Colin making himself look beautiful! ;)"

"This is Cardboard Colin sitting in your chair watching TV."

"This is Cardboard Colin crocheting."

"Cardboard Colin has decided to play Pirates on Piano! Oh wait!"

"He need a fedora!"

"This is Cardboard Colin playing bells!"

"This is Cardboard Colin wearing Jonny's Tie!"

"Now Cardboard Colin is doing crafts!"

"Now he is fixing the chair Jonny broke...or working with Tools!" 

(This is my personal favorite)!

"Cardboard Colin went on an afternoon stroll!"

"And last but not least, Cardboard Colin goes to sleep!" 

"Hope you enjoyed 'Adventures with Cardboard Colin!'"

As you can see, they had quite a bit of fun with my Cardboard Captain Hook, which many of my twitter friends know me for taking pictures with. I mean, but really, although my friends couldn't be with me in Florida, do you friends make you entire stories about your lifesize Cardboard Captain Hook while you're gone? I thought not. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on June 23 due to travel).