Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 903: Starting Where We Left Off

If you remember back to about a year ago, I decided to watch all of the Disney animated films in order. Of course, that's a giant project to take on, especially when I'm traveling and already have several side projects to work on. However, last summer I got fairly far in the lineup, and over the school year I was able to fit in just a couple of films. However, I didn't finish, but instead of starting over, I'm pushing ahead and starting right where I left off: The Rescuers.

I've actually seen The Rescuers Down Under more than I have the original film, not that I really remember either of them at this point, but I forgot how classic this little film is, and after watching it once, I already feel like it's another of the most underrated Disney films out there. As a fan of The Great Mouse Detective, it felt a lot like that, but there was something about the adorable Bernard and Bianca saving little Penny that caught at my heartstrings.

Of course, The Rescuers was just about the perfect pick for the day because it happened to be storming outside, and watching Disney movies during Thunderstorms is something my family has done for years. I've always been terrified of the storms, and whenever there was a storm during the day, my brother and I would plop ourselves down in the living room and turn on a movie. Hercules and The Hunchback of Notre Dame are the two I particularly remember as being designated "Storm Movies," but we watched all sorts of classic Disney films, and many of my memories seeing these animated movies probably come from situations like that. So for it to be stormin in the movie and outside it was kind of a little trip back to my childhood in that way.

As for the film itself, like I said, I do feel that it's underrated, and I'm marking it down as one of the films I want to rewatch once I finish the entire line up because I feel like there's more there than I maybe could have caught the first time through.

Next up is The Fox and the Hound, which you can watch with me when I get to it (probably within the next week). Just keep an eye on my Instagram, as I'll post a picture on there before I start!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on June 25 due to travel).