Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 1041: Indiana Shawn

I recently took it upon myself to watch every episode of Psych, and there are few things I love more than Pierre Despereaux. Then again, how can you not love Cary Elwes, especially when he returns again for an episode that has more than a few Indiana Jones undertones. After all, the episode itself is titled "Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy Rusty Old Dagger." Don't believe that this episode is everything an Indiana Jones fan could want? Check out the clip below!

I was more than a little excited when I came across the title of the episode long before I knew Despereaux was involved, so you can imagine how epic this episode became. In fact, having now finished the series, I'd say it's one of my all time favorites! 

Have a magical day! 

(Note; This blog post was written on December 30).