Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 1103: Just In Time

It feels like just yesterday that I finished the Band Trip video for Walt Disney World, which easily stands as one of the things I'm most proud of in my life. That video took over three years of work if you include all the footage that went into it from various trips, and it began long, long before we even knew for sure whether or not we'd be heading to Florida. I loved working on that video, and I honestly believe it's part of the reason that I'm still editing videos for a YouTube channel today.

You can imagine, then, my excitement when I was invited on yet another band trip, not as a student but as the official videographer. For four days I traveled with the band this past summer to the Twin Cities, capturing video and pictures the whole while, and over the past week I spent the majority of my time working those pieces into a complete video, which came out much longer than I even intended at 42 minutes (the Disney video was 58). I won't took a lot of effort to get it done, especially when it meant sitting in front of my computer for hours at end. Somewhere around Thursday I got really restless and had to get up every few minutes or else I would have gone insane, but I did get it done, and just in time too!

I can't wait for the band to see this newest production in a couple of weeks, because just as I was with the Disney video, I'm extremely proud of what I accomplished with this. And now, thankfully, I can take some time off and head to Florida. Even my band director told me when I handed in the video that I should go to Disney and take a break.

I think I'll listen to him.

Have a magical day!