Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 1126: Picture This

One of the best ways to remember your Disney trip is through pictures, and God knows my family takes enough of them for half the world. BUT, I also love that we take a lot of pictures these days, or at least more than I used to. Getting home and finally having a chance to sort through the newest pictures is always an exciting opportunity, and since I recently went through the pictures from my latest trip, I figured I'd share a few of my favorites! 

Above you can obviously see me as an Extra at Indiana Jones, and you'll find another Indy picture below, where I'm filming Indy saying hello to our friend Megan back home! Also below is a moment with my pal Chewie, who absolutely loved the camera! 

Meeting Larry Dotson is always a pleasure, and I always try to have my picture taken with him if I can too! On the right above you can see a behind the scenes moment from an upcoming YouTube video which may or may not feature some Beverly. Below you'll find a couple of shots my mom took of the audio animatronics in The American Adventure, including my favorite fictional Civil War family! 

Teacups and squirrels for days, am I right? On the left above you'll see me checking out Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian (which I blogged about HERE), and on the right I've got a good classic Disney Squirrel picture. Down below there's another lovely shot of me at a restaurant, this time Chefs de France, and then yet another behind the scenes moment of me peeking through a window at the construction taking place at Animal Kingdom! 

We're all about the candid shots this trip I guess, with the above right featuring Frank, Clint and I during our chat at Animal Kingdom, and on the right the only caption I can come up with that seems appropriate is "Chewie, we're going home." Down on the left I'm in the process of sharing my version of Star Wars in under a minute, which you can see on a vlog coming soon, and on the right I'm lounging around at Old Key West on our first day! 

Trash can pictures are bound to become the next big thing...or so I think. Regardless, after this picture I'm sort of determined to take future pictures with as many of the Disney trash cans as I possibly can. Seems legitimate, right? And below you can view a beautiful Florida Sunset over part of Epcot and a pre-Indiana Jones selfie that's become tradition for Frank and I! 

Finally, I encountered a first at Magic Kingdom this trip: Baby Ducklings! It's a sure bet that you'll find ducks at Walt Disney World, but ducklings are a bit harder to come by. This little group of them, however, seemed to pop up multiple times, as we saw them the next day as well leading Festival of Fantasy. Yes, they walked in front of the parade. 

There are plenty of other spectacular pictures from my trip that will be shared over time, I'm sure, but these were just a few of my favorites. Personally, I love seeing the candid photos of me filming, because the vlog has become such a crucial part of my Disney trips, and it's almost like proof that the vlog is right there with me through pretty much everything! Speaking of vlogs, you'll be able to catch the first from this trip very, very soon on my YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that! 

Have a magical day!