Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 1119: America The Beautiful

When I was a kid there were a few videos I watched over and over again, all of which I've mentioned before here on Everyday Disney. My personal favorite, of course, was "A Day at Epcot Center," which I still watch regularly because it features some of my favorite old Epcot memories from The Living Seas, Spaceship Earth, and even Innoventions. There is, however, one section of the short video that impacted me more than others: The Voices of Liberty. 

Our church hymnal is made up of over 600 various hymns, many of which I've come to know by heart, but like every member of our congregation, I have my own personal favorite hymns. After I realized my love of the Civil War era, I always enjoy a good sing through of Battle Hymn of the Republic. There is one other hymn that I love even more though: America the Beautiful. 

You see, on that old VHS tape of "A Day at Epcot Center," the Voices of Liberty are featured singing that song, and for some reason, I was always in awe of them performing it. Somewhere along the line it became my favorite hymn, and, fast forward a number of years, you can just imagine how I felt when the Voices of Liberty performed America the Beautiful as their last piece of the set I saw on my last day in Florida this January. In fact, I almost cried as they had us sing along, because even though it was a regular part of their day, singing my favorite hymn with the group that made it my favorite was an absolute magical moment. 

I wish now that I had gone up to one of the singers and told them how much it meant to me, but I'll be sure to tell them my story the next time they sing America the Beautiful. 

Have a magical day!