Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 1112: A Real Challenge

When we knew for sure that Jonny wouldn't be traveling with us on this trip to Walt Disney World, we did something we would probably later regret: we told him that, since he couldn't be there, he could create a challenge list filled with things he thought we should do while in Florida. The ground rules were simple: nothing that might make us sick, nothing impossible, and we could veto one item of our choice. Oh, and we couldn't get our lists until we arrived at Walt Disney World. 

What he came up with was a whole other thing though. Frank and I each had a list consisting of 25 items we had to complete while at Walt Disney World on our eight day trip, and Jonny and Dad certainly didn't let us go entirely easy. There will be a YouTube video on this for each challenge list, but for my lovely blog readers, here's our lists, sorted out by park: 


1. Share a Turkey Leg
2. Wear 15 different hats and take a picture in each
3. Trade a pin
4. Play table tennis or shuffleboard
5. How many engines are there on the craft in Space Mountain as seen from the PeopleMover? 
6. Here Floats Captain Who? 
7. Fire a rifle from the Fort at Big Thunder
8. Drive around the Tomorrowland Speedway
9. Go to the Laugh Floor
10. Consume a Dole Whip
11. Ride the Carousel Two Times
12. Bring Jonny a Candy Apple with M&Ms
13. Ride Spaceship Earth 4 times, each time in a different language
14. Consume an ice cream sandwich from Epcot
15. Take a picture with all your Leave a Legacy pictures (including your brick)
16. Eat a funnel cake
17. Play one of the games at Mission SPACE through the back door
18. Watch Stormstruck
19. Purchase something from the Outpost
20. Price per gallon at Oscar's gas station
21. Eat six churros
22. See Han Solo on Star Tours
23. Remake your Traffic Cone Picture
24. What character is associated with Fitchwa Fellow? 
25. Take a picture with a dinosaur


1. No chicken strips or chicken nuggets except for once 
2. Take a picture of 30 different hidden Mickeys
3. Take a picture in the sand bucket
4. Take a picture of a seagull
5. Consume something at every Starbucks in the parks including Disney Springs
6. Trade a pin
7. Eat a caramel apple
8. Eat two salads
9. Eat something from a food truck at Disney Springs
10. Who's the Pitch Perfect Prime Donna? 
11. Ride Stitch's Great Escape
12. Eat at Cosmic Rays
13. Get a picture with your skipper on the Jungle Cruise
14. Have a sword fight after riding pirates
15. Have sushi
16. How many columns of text on the paper Gutenberg is holding? 
17. Try every soda in Club Cool including Beverly
18. Take a picture with a Dolphin
19. Take a boat at World Showcase
20. Eat three churros
21. Get your picture taken with Indiana Jones
22. Ride Dinosaur
23. Go Diggin' in Dinoland
24. See It's Tough to be a Bug
25. See the Flights of Wonder show

Amazingly enough, we accomplished almost everything on both of our lists. I ended up vetoing the Laugh Floor, and Frank tossed out Stitch's Great Escape. We also managed to get Jonny to exclude the funnel cake from my list and the last of my churros after I ate three in a row and came to the conclusion that I never want to eat a churro again. The Food Trucks weren't really possible the one night we were at Disney Springs, and while we know the answers to "Here Floats Captain Who?" and "Who's the Pitch Perfect Prima Donna," the graveyard at Haunted Mansion was closed and the sign at Storybook Circus happened to be missing (although we still answer those questions in the video that should be up on my YouTube channel soon)! 

As for the rest of the adventures, here's a brief look into how the challenge list went: 

As for the remainder of the list you'll just have to watch the videos when they come out to see how it all went down! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on January 24 due to travel).