Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 1125: The Newest and Indyiest

Back in 2014, I blogged about a Facebook tradition I have: only changing my profile picture and cover photo after a Disney trip, and I'm happy to say that even now, the tradition continues! You can read the original blog post on Day 609, but since I've had four Disney trips since then, I figured it might be fun to do a bit of an update, especially since I just changed my profile picture and cover photo the other day!

This time we'll work backwards though, mostly since the combination you see above is the one currently on my Facebook page, and it'll stay there until whenever I next head to a Disney Park (most likely either July or October). As I went through pictures from my trip this January (more of which you'll see in a later blog post), I fell in love with the picture of me as an extra at Indiana Jones, so it wasn't even a competition for which picture would end up being my latest cover photo! As for the profile picture, I didn't think there was a picture that described happiness better than my picture with Chewbacca, so there wasn't really any competition there either.

Previous to this January's trip to Walt Disney World, I of course headed to Disneyland back in August, which means that for the past 5 months or so, Leo and I have graced my Facebook Profile Picture, and since World of Color is one of my absolute favorite things at Disneyland, I figured it would make a brilliant cover photo to go along with it! 

Before Disneyland there was a brief two month interlude of Disney World after my trip in June, which featured two of my favorite fandoms: Once Upon A Time and Star Wars! Seeing Mr. Gold's Pawnshop with all the props from OUAT was simply spectacular, and when I found that my Dad had taken a number of wonderful photographs of said props, it was an instant upload for my cover photo. Like my most recent encounter with Chewie, he made my cover photo as well, especially since meeting him in June was an absolute dream come true! 

And finally, after last January's trip to Walt Disney World I went with a pink and blue sort of color scheme that featured my new favorite hat (and one of the last pictures I took that trip) and Wishes, because who doesn't love Wishes! I will say that this trip took a long while to decide on though because there were simply so many amazing options for profile pictures and cover photos. Regardless, I narrowed it down and these pictures graced my profile from January until June! 

Which brings us back to June 2014, the last profile picture and cover photo set I shared with Everyday Disney! Updating my profile picture and cover photo after each trip has become a tradition, habit, and super exciting moment, although the thought and pressure of picking a combination I might keep for months on end is sometimes daunting. I will say, however, that I went back through my pictures and it occurred to me that I've been on seven Disney trips in the last three years. When I was a kid I went on, maybe, one a year (so three...or two) in that same time span. Gosh, if only 5 year old Lizzie could see the future. 

Have a magical day!