Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 1130: John Muir

It's no secret that there's a lot to American History, and even more out there if you want to consider World History, but for some reason, it seems to keep coming up in my classes recently, and this time it brought me right back to one of the most referenced attractions I've had in my time in school: The American Adventure. In the past, we've talked about many other portions of our journey through American History, but for one of my favorite scenes, this is a first.

I suppose it's not a surprise that John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt came up in my Environmental Science class, especially considering the fact that the basis of the class is focused on the impact we have on the environment. However, it certainly wasn't something I expected, and when the name John Muir came up in class, I momentarily paused: "Is this the guy from The American Adventure with Teddy?" Just as I was about to look up the name on my phone, my professor mentioned that he was friends with Teddy Roosevelt and was a key influence in the creation and upkeep of Yosemite National Park. "Yep, it's the guy," I thought before writing down "You know about him!" in my notes.

The John Muir we see in The American Adventure may just be an audio-anamatronic, but the real man was pretty interesting too, and you can read all about his life HERE  Now, I'm not a history buff when it comes to John Muir, but after a bit of research, I've learned that his last effort for conservation was in a battle to save Hetch Hetchy Valley. While the effort failed, I can't help but wonder what valley Muir refers to in The American Adventure, the same valley that makes for the bully beautiful backdrop in the scene he shares with Teddy. Is it possible that he's referring to Hetch Hetchy Valley in his discussion with Roosevelt?

No matter what, it's always awesome having something I learned at Disney come up in class, and in fact, you're going to see even more of it over the next few weeks as I continue to relate everything I'm learning somehow back to Disney!

Have a magical day!