Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 1147: The Last 20 Minutes

Life outside of a Disney Park tends to do a few things. One, it somehow goes by incredibly slow and incredibly fast all at the same time. Two, it really gets in the way of an ideally Disney filled life. Disney is doing a great job of promoting the Disney Parks these days, especially through television, which makes a lot of sense considering the historically close relationship between the two. They've also been doing a bunch of Live Streams since Christmas, which makes it possible for those of us very far away to watch right along with everyone in the parks.

That is, unless you've got something else going on.

As a college student, and especially with a schedule like mine, there's not a lot of flexibility to just change when you have class or a concert because Disney is doing a special celebration from Disneyland. At least this time I was at a jazz rehearsal, which is just about my favorite thing in the world, but it still doesn't dull the fact that I missed what was basically the biggest Disney Television event in a long while...and I missed Harrison Ford by about 10 minutes.

I did, however, get back to my apartment with just enough time to catch the last 20 minutes of the Disneyland 60 special, which makes me laugh a bit simply because it's been a while since the actual anniversary occurred, and with everything they've done for this 60th anniversary, I can't even imagine what the 50th for Walt Disney World will be like in a few years. Let's just hope they don't turn the castle into a birthday cake again, am I right?

Since I missed most of the Disneyland 60 Celebration, let me know what your favorite part was!

Have a magical day!