Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 1148: Waste Nothing

If there's one thing I've learned so far this semester in my Environmental Science class, it's that we really need to pay attention to what we waste. Actually, the class as a whole really has me looking at my life, from what I eat to how much water I'm using when I wash the dishes to what I actually do end up throwing away at the conclusion of each day. Of course, if I'm going to adopt a "waste less" mindset for my life, then that has to apply to everything, right? Including airline points that expire well before your next planned Disney trip?

I occasionally get a call from my mom asking about a specific set of dates, and honestly it's been all over the map since I started college. As a kid, I headed to Disney in one of three months: January, November, or December. I also went in February once, but that's about as far as we broke from the pattern for most of my childhood. I also headed down in June once for a convention, but since my high school graduation, I've been to Disney in July and March as well as two trips in June and two in January. Apparently I'm just trying to knock every month off the list too, because in a very short amount of time I went from zero Disney trip plans to one in May and another in October.

Normally, this wouldn't happen, but because we had some extra airline points that were set to expire long before October, we figured that it would really be a shame to waste an opportunity to get an extra trip in and use that cheap airfare. We already have annual passes, after all! It's sort of strange, being more spontaneous with these trips, especially when we used to be so methodical with our planning. Now it's more of a "what haven't we had a chance to experience yet and how do we fit it into our schedules?"

The greatest part about this extra trip in May though? You get to help me plan! Head over to the google form I've created to help plan my trip to Walt Disney World! You can answer the questions HERE!

Have a magical day!