Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 1134: Why I Love Mondays

Before you get on my case, let me tell you that I most certainly still am not a huge fan of the first day of the work week. Mondays bring a whole new start to what will probably end up being another never-ending week of classes, homework, and projects to work on, and that is probably unappealing to everyone, no matter who you are.

However, this semester, Mondays have a certain charm to them. It's one of two days a week where my evening is, usually, blissfully free of meetings and practicing and work, as I attempt to get my readings for the week out of the way on the weekend, and since I have a bit of time open, I've dubbed Monday nights more or less "Disney Nights." Since I'm frequently busy on the weekends, Everyday Disney will often get behind, and with my weekly YouTube videos now going up on Tuesdays, Monday nights work perfectly for finishing touches on vlogs and other videos as well as catching up on blogging.

The result is a night that is filled with Disney this and Disney that, whether it be catching up on blog posts from across the internet, writing for Everyday Disney, editing a new video, sorting through pictures, watching a bit of The American Adventure on my computer, or finally drinking out of my Animal Kingdom Starbucks mug for the first time. I did something similar in high school, where one of my study halls was basically dedicated time to working on Disney related projects, as that was back when Everyday Disney was just starting out. These days, time to dedicated specifically to Disney is harder to come by, so something tells me I'm going to treasure these Monday nights more than I ever have before.

Here's a fun game though! How many references to Disney can you find in the above picture? I'll tell you right now that if you really look closely, you can probably find at least 10, and that's just a little bit of my desk setup in my new apartment, which I really need to photograph one of these days to share with you!

If you had a free night to dedicate to Disney though, what would you spend that time doing? Catching up on a Disney related show (I'm looking at you Agent Carter)? Would you watch an old classic Disney movie (I've been dying to watch Hunchback for weeks now)? Maybe you'd start a Disney blog of your own...or, you know, you could go back and read some more of mine! Whatever catches your fancy, let me know in the comments below!

Have a magical day!