Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day 1154: Zero to Hero

There are a few Disney movies that I just love to watch over and over again because for some reason, they never get old. The weird part is, they're not necessarily the most popular of the Disney movies. Instead, they're the ones that are just so unique that you can't help but love them. Example? Hercules!

I realized that I haven't seen Hercules in a while, and when I realized it was on Netflix it seemed like the perfect background noise for some note-taking, and away I went. But did you know that Hercules actually had a mini-parade at Hollywood Studios, then MGM-Studios, back in 1997? That's right! Meg, Phil, The Muses, and all your favorite Hercules characters took part in one not-so-giant parade back in the day, and if I do say so myself, I think it was pretty darn adorable!

I mean, you just can't beat the muses singing on the opening float. And while we're talking about the floats, just look at the intense detail that went into some of these!

The "Zero to Hero Victory Parade" only stayed from 1997 until 1998, failing to return for a second season, but from the video I recently found in our home movies, it's definitely one of the more entertaining things that's happened at the Studios! 

Now if only they'd bring back Hercules, Meg, and Hades for regular meet and greets. They're absolutely on my list of "wish to meet," and who knows! Maybe once Herc finally finishes defeating all those monsters they'll make a stop back at Disney World! 

Have a magical day! 

(Note: Pictures from The Disney Parks Blog).