Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 1139: Without a Smile

I get questions every once and a while about what to wear to the Disney Parks, and as you can imagine, the answer is often somewhat complicated. Most of the year you can get away with a t-shirt and some shorts, but when you travel in January like I do occasionally, you have to literally pack for everything. This past trip I used my winter coat, MY WINTER COAT, for a good portion of the trip, but near the end it was definitely warm enough for shorts. Florida is unpredictable. Completely unpredictable (unless it's June and you just know that it's going to rain daily at around 1).

But it occurred to me the other night while at a concert that there's really only one thing you must have no matter what time of the year you visit the Disney Parks: a smile. As the song from Annie goes, "you're never fully dressed without a smile."

Like the weather, Disney trips are unpredictable too, and you most certainly have to be flexible with your schedule, no matter how closely you plan things, because if you have a fastpass for Space Mountain at 2 and Space Mountain goes down at 1 and stays down until 4, you're going to have to modify your plans. There are things you can do in that moment, but honestly, I've found that the best thing you can do is just throw on a smile and think about how this gives you an opportunity to head on the PeopleMover to people watch for a while, which you may not have gotten to do otherwise.

Even when I was really down for part of my trip in January, I always made an attempt to put on a smile, and for a very large majority of the time, it worked. Being at Disney period usually brings a smile to my face, but when things seem so bad that a smile is hard to keep, usually smiling anyway will just make you feel better. And when the rain is pouring down on you in buckets, a smile usually keeps you going as you still attempt to finish out your four parks in one day.

Have a magical day!