Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 1142: Challenge List

Keeping things interesting when you've been to the Disney Parks 28 times starts to get...well...interesting. I've gone on long rants time and time again about how it's awesome to visit Disney time and time again, simply because things are always changing, always evolving. There's constantly something new to see and experience, and with everything there is to see and do at the Walt Disney World Resort, it's sort of hard to get bored in the first place.

However, making a list of specific challenges to spice things up never hurts either.

This past trip, Frank and I each had a challenge list, compiled by my Dad and my brother, and things got a bit out of hand...especially in regards to the churros. Of course, there was never a question in my mind that I had to bring all of you along with me as I attempted to complete all these challenges!

As for which was hardest? Definitely the churros. I never want to eat another churro again in my life. Literally no more. My favorite challenge? I actually really liked the Ice Cream Sandwich from Epcot Challenge, simply because it gave me a chance to eat a macaroon ice cream sandwich from France. I'd never had one before but I've now been introduced to the amazingness that is those sandwiches. 

This was just my challenge list though, so you'll have to keep an eye out for Frank's Challenge List that will be appearing soon!

Have a magical day!