Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 1149: Pesticides

Here we go again with the whole environmental science class correlating with something I've learned at Disney World. This time, my studies bring me to Epcot, specifically The Land, where I've heard for years and years about how they're working to find natural ways to control pests instead of the pesticides, which was the topic in my class not long ago. So basically, while we watched a movie about the book Silent Spring, I sat there thinking about Ladybugs.

Disney is actually doing a lot of really great stuff in regards to environmental science though, and the Land is just filled with new growing techniques that are more fruitful, natural, and better on the environment, all of which is needed in today's society. It's been a while since I've headed on the Behind the Seeds tour in The Land, although these pictures are rather recent since my mom took the tour this past January. Who knows, maybe after taking Environmental Science this semester I'll have to go on the tour myself in May!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from The Land though!

The Land is definitely one of the most underrated areas of Walt Disney World if you ask me, and honestly it was kind of sad to see how the entire pavilion looked this past January while Soarin' is closed. It seems that heading there isn't worth while these days unless there's a thrill attraction involved, even if we really could learn something by going there. 

Have a magical day, and be sure to check out the Land the next time you're at Epcot!