Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 1143: All the Tsum Tsums

It's been about a year now since I got my very first Tsum Tsums, which I bought as a reward for nailing an on campus job that I never expected to get. The fact that I got my very first paycheck seemed like a good enough reason to make an addition to my Disney Collection, and Tsum Tsums seemed like the way to go. Because they're so inexpensive, they make a great gift and their size makes them an adorable way to decorate, but it also means that they're really addicting...especially when every new Tsum Tsum release seems better than the last! 

It all started again when I became rather Twitterpated...with these Bambi Tsum Tsums of course. You just can't deny the adorableness that is this little collection (although really...we need a Flower). 

Just when you thought that maybe you don't need all the Tsum Tsums, this collection came around. Disney has definitely been spilling over into the parks for inspiration for new characters, and I'm pretty positive that this batch has us all yelling out "We wants the redhead!" 

The theme here seems to be "if you collect one, you collect them all," and with the wide array of Zootopia Tsum Tsums out there, I think we might be spending more than anticipated. To be fair though, if you didn't want to buy all of the characters in the Zootopia collection, you could always just stick with Nick, Judy, and...yep, Flash. Or you could buy them all. 

From what I can understand, stacking up Tsum Tsums in giant towers is a part of the fun...which means that the Tangled Collection is definitely a perfect fit. So if you're asking "When will my Tsum Tsum Collection begin?" I think we've found the answer. 

We all need more Star Wars. Enough said. 

It's not well known, but Tsum Tsums do more than just look adorable sitting wherever you've placed them in your room...they also help protect you while you sleep! When it comes to protecting, the Avengers and other various characters from the Marvel Universe seem like the perfect Tsum Tsums for the job! 

Now we have a problem though...which ones to we buy? 

Have a magical day!