Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 1155: Leap

It never occurred to me when I started Everyday Disney that it'd be the fourth year of the blog when we finally hit a Leap Day. However, I guess I didn't necessarily plan to continue past year one. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what to blog about today since it's literally just an extra day that doesn't entirely exist. My blog count at the end of the year will read 366 instead of 365 and that'll probably trip me up when I'm rounding out the last blog posts. Meanwhile I mostly just spent my day sitting at my desk doing homework. What an exciting life, right? 

I suppose once could have spent their Leap Day doing any number of fun things, like watching a Disney movie marathon, or planning a Disney vacation, but in all regards, it's sort of like an extra day to catch up on things, which is nice when there's so much going on and it's barely a month into the semester. Let's see though, what else could you do on an extra day of the year?

I suppose you could go to the Disney Parks, especially if you live close enough to just go for the day. That's not really an option here in Wisconsin. Watching Disney Parks videos is fun, like a vlog on YouTube or a vacation planning video. It's not quite the same, but it's something! 

I already mentioned the Disney Movie Marathon, but you could also do that any day of the it's not really special to Leap Day. Same thing with planning a Disney trip, because let's be honest, we all do that constantly. 

DisneyBounding somethng special could add some magic to the day, but so many of us do that already, and with the March DisneyBound challenge coming up that's probably not always an option. 

Personally, it's just made me think a lot about just how many days I've been blogging. An extra day seems like nothing compared to everything I've done so far. And actually, Leap Day doesn't seem very special after all...unless you're Irish. Then it's a whole other thing...

Have a magical [leap] day everyone!