Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 1145: I Love That Wookiee

When my friend Allie asked if I wanted to go to Build-A-Bear, of course the answer was yes!

Disney, and especially Star Wars, is literally everywhere these days, which is a far cry from what it used to be. Now, even adults can find constant merchandise right in their backyard, which is great for those of us who live far enough away from the Disney Parks that we tend to go a bit overboard if we do manage to find a Disney store...or anything Disney related for that matter. Build-A-Bear has had connections with Disney for a long time, but now that Star Wars has come into the mix, we figured that a trip to the store would be the perfect way to get rid of some stress after a long week of college.

Being the Star Wars fans we are, we just had to make a Chewbacca and a Han Solo, and because they're the coolest duo in the galaxy, they obviously needed sunglasses too. They're all set to go with their Star Wars sounds and blasters and outfits...unless they happen across Kylo Ren. That could be a problem.

Long story short, we spent a lot of money going to Build-A-Bear at age 20 and we loved every second of it...because we all need a bit more Star Wars and a lot more Disney in our lives. 

Have a magical day!