Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day 1129: It Happened Again

Life works in funny ways sometimes...and often it's more ironic than we might expect too. There is a perfectly good explanation as to why I've started today's blog post with a giant picture of Josh Dallas, and it has everything to do with the autograph that's on it. Almost a year ago I received the above picture randomly in the mail, and it took me a while to figure out that it wasn't so random after all. Nope, it was actually a response to the letter I'd sent him about a year previous. In fact, I sent more than one letter...I sent one to all the main actors on Once Upon A Time, and following the picture from Josh, I figured it was all over.

I was wrong.

Today I was sitting at lunch with my roommates and friend Lauren and happened to tell them the story about how I sometimes get amazing mail from people like Josh Dallas. The topic actually came up because I was headed to the mail center to pick up a new wrist brace for my ever injured right wrist, and I checked my mailbox while I was there because I hadn't checked it since early January probably. I knew for sure that there was a certificate for the Dean's List in there, but when I opened the box and found a giant yellow envelope I was a bit thrown off. And then I noticed the name in the upper corner of the envelope: Robert Carlyle.

That's right, after almost two years, I got an autograph back from Robert Carlyle. Funny how that same paper, which I wrote them about for my fairy tales course, is now headed to a national convention, and while that weekend will mean a lot of traveling and logistic problems, getting this autograph in the mail seems like a sign that maybe, somehow, everything is going to work out just fine.

Have a magical day everyone!