Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 1133: United We Fall

If we're being honest, it only really takes a few seconds of a new movie to get us all excited, and the new Captain America film is no exception. While I'm not a lifelong Marvel fan like some of my friends, I'm definitely a part of the fandom now, and my reactions to the new Civil War trailer certainly showcase that fact. 

The Super Bowl TV Spot for Civil War was only 30 seconds long, but it had a lot of emotions at play already, and while some of us may have already been counting down to the premiere, I think a lot of us are definitely counting down to the premiere now. Of course, we're now all expected to pick a side, either #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, and I, for one, have no idea which side I'm supposed to pick. It's really a problem when your two favorite Avengers are the ones going against each other. Then again, I suspect that that's the case for a lot of us.

Short blog post today, but a long and exciting weekend filled with Newsies and FBLA left me drastically behind on homework and life, so we'll wrap things up here. However, let me know in the comments which team you're on and why! Help me pick a side! 

Have a magical day!