Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 1151: Hours and Hours

When I get really behind on blog posts there's only one thing for me to do: bunker down in some comfortable clothes with plenty of food and good music until I somehow manage to catch up everything that I've missed. However, finding the motivation needed to write for hours and hours on end is pretty difficult, even when it means I do get to talk about Disney the entire time. Really though, as every college student knows, you can only write for so long before you just get really, really bored of sitting in front of your computer typing out some combination of 26 letters. 

Which is why I've gone back to some of my roots in Disney on the internet, including Disney Parks music that's kept me working for years now. Unforunately, Live365 recently shut down, meaning that I have to go elsewhere to find my recorded Disney music. Thankfully, YouTube has a wealth of options in regards to Disney music, and this time I went back to Dan Gooding's Disney Park Mixes, which is definitely a fan favorite. His combinations celebrating various parks really just bring the magic of Disney Parks Music to life, which is why I could probably listen to these videos for hours. 

I added on the Hollywood Studios Mix above, but you can check out his entire channel HERE, and it's filled with tons of great Disney Parks Music celebrating Disney all over the world! 

Have a magical day!