Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11: Disney Vacation Videos

I'm not sure about you, but all throughout my childhood, my family has seemed to gather a whole bunch of Disney vacation planning videos...both on DVD and VHS. While I'll probably talk more in depth about each video I have later in time, I just wanted to talk about them in general.

For instance, there's nothing like watching the old videos from the 80s, back before it was more than the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and looking at how much the parks have changed. And yet, I somehow remember so much of what used to be there. I have the "A Day at Magic Kingdom" and "A Day at Epcot Center" VHS's, and it's really amazing to see how much that video is still used today. I am watching my second Disney video of the day, and video from those original videos is still seen in the footage today. I think that it shows just how constant some things are...and how amazing it is how the same attractions continue to enlighten and inspire people today the same way they did when those attractions first opened.

And then there's the Millennium Celebration Video I have from EPCOT. I'm not really sure what caused my parents to buy it (as I wouldn't remember...I was five at the time), but I'm sure glad they did. The Millennium Celebration (and I'll talk more about this another time), was basically what I really remember from my childhood. It's the first things from Walt Disney World that I remember...and that's pretty amazing if you ask me. The music and the celebration of that Millennium inspired me to follow my dream...and I'm pretty sure that I'll continue to listen to the music from Illuminations long after it stops it's presentations at EPCOT (Although I hope that never happens).

There's the Walt Disney story DVDs, which, while all similar, each have their own character and each show a different side of the man behind the dream. And the Imagineering videos...generally showcasing something different within the Disney Parks. And, of course, the lovely Disney Vacation Planning videos...which are great for seeing how the resort has changed little by little...and to remember things that have gone within the past years that we otherwise might forget (although I don't think I could ever forget any of it).

I'm sure I have plenty more when it comes to Disney videos...but those are the ones on the top of my head. I cherish them...each and every single one...and often talk about how in the future I'm going to need to buy five or six VHS players so I'll always be able to watch them, even when my VHS player breaks. I'll just have back-ups! That or I feel Disney should re-release all of these videos on one big a historical Disney thing. I don't know, and it might not ever happen...but I think it'd be cool.

What Disney Parks/Vacation Videos do you have? And which is your favorite?

Have a magical day!