Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 23: Meaningful Words

Today was our first day of finals for the semester, and the day I presented that Psych project I was talking about last week. As I said on that last post, we had to choose one song to present to the class...why we chose it, for what event, and the psychology concept that went along with it.

Originally I was going to present with "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts...but another person in my class chose that song and in a last minute, spur of the moment, decision...I changed my presentation song to "Promise." If you know your Disney music'll know that "Promise" is the song that plays each and every night after "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth" at Epcot, and that it's a very well written and beautiful song.

Basically here's what I said:

"The song I chose was "Promise," Originally sung by Kellie Coffey for the Epcot Millennium Celebration. I related this song and event to the concept of "memories" because I have so many different and unique memories from my trips to Florida throughout the years. But of them all, most of my first real memories come from the Millennium Celebration.

I know that my dream of becoming an Imagineer is probably farfetched to some. It is even to me sometimes, and I know that it will take very hard work to get there...and along the way I will be viewed by some as childish. But it's something I want to do with my life. I want to become a part of the magic and make memories for other people the same way cast members have made memories for me throughout my entire life. But I think the most rewarding part of it all is that while most people will fall into a job that they dislike or become unsatisfied with, I will be doing something I love for the rest of my life. And the truth is, Disney has taught us all. While Disney movies may have Princesses or talking animals, they are also uplifting, give us chills, fill us with hope, and bring us to tears. They teach us responsibility, show us true strength, keep us youthful and make us think. Disney movies leave us laughing and prove there's true love, remind us to dream and give us imagination to be proud of. And if you don't believe me...I suggest you go watch the Disney-Pixar movie "Up."

Every day of my life I will face people looking at me differently because of my love of Disney, there's no question about that in my mind. People will judge, and while I sometimes wish they would stop and listen to my entire story before labeling me "childish," the chances of that happening are very slim. But because this is what I want to do, I will always break free and travel over the roughest of roads. I am a survivor and a dreamer. I am the person I want to be."

After that we listened to the song, but I guess the real reason I'm blogging about this right now is a comment my teacher made after the class. We ran over, and my best friend still had to present, so even though I had musical in a few minutes I waited for her to present...and as I was walking over to throw away a sheet of paper in the recycling bin, my teacher said "I don't think it's childish."

I think you really have to know my teacher to understand how much this really means...but basically he's one of those teachers that likes to make jokes and stuff. We make jokes all the time about my love of Disney (in fact about three came up during our 1 1/2 hour class today), and it doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, the reason I decided on this topic for my presentation is because we have a judgmental class that tends to make comments about how all of my presentations somehow relate back to Disney. But either way, this was just one of those moments where he was completely serious. The last five minutes I'm in his classroom and he makes a comment like that.

Sure, it was only five words, but for some reason that I can't exactly make out, it meant a lot to me. I've been thinking about it all day actually. I guess maybe it's because it's good to know that while my dreams may seem farfetched, and to some, childish, there are still people that believe in me. There's also the fact that I completely showed everyone up by representing the entire theme of the project and the class as a whole within a two minute speech, but I am constantly working to bring the best and more to my I don't see anything different there. Maybe it was the approval, about how while the rest of the class (other than my best friend) slacked off on this final, I didn't and I took it to heart. Or maybe it was the personal connection I made...about how this song really meant a lot to me and I had a good reason for why...when other people chose random songs that just had lyrics to go along with it.

I honestly have no idea why those last five minutes of psychology class meant so much to me...but they did. And someday, when I do get to be an Imagineer, I can guarantee you I will send an email to that teacher and tell him that I accomplished my dream...and thank him for believing in me even when others don't.

Have a magical day!