Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 12: Back in the Day: EPCOT Buses

While watching one of those Disney videos I mentioned yesterday, there was a part where it was like "Woah...back in the day!"

Anyone remember the buses that used to circle World Showcase at EPCOT? I don't really remember them much because I'm a bit too young...but I do remember a little. Can't say I ever went on one...but it was certainly my era when the Junkanoo Bus Show I clearly remember that. Now, of course, there aren't any buses around World Showcase...just the Friendship Fleet supplies the transportation. But here's a quick look at the past...

The World Showcase Promenade made a 1.3 mile loop around World Showcase, and would stop at locations all around the "World." Granted, they didn't move very fast, so walking was almost quicker than sitting on the bus...but it did offer an option for you to get off your feet!

After they discontinued the buses for guests, Disney made it into the Junkanoo Bus Show, which carried a selection of Disney characters around World Showcase. That was around when I was younger...but I honestly can't remember ever stopping to watch the show. Now I really wish I had.

I'm not going to go into this much more, as I'm certainly not an expect on the subject (yet). But I do encourage you to look into the buses further. It was such an interesting example of how Epcot has changed, and how I think we as a public have changed. It's because of the theory that Epcot will always keep changing, updating to the newest technology and to be ahead of the curve...which it is! If you'd like to know more about the buses though, Yesterland has a great article on them.

Have a magical day!