Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16: Soundtrack of my LIfe

Yesterday we received a psychology project...which is our final project of the semester (and then I'm finished with the class!)...and my friends and I weren't exactly excited about it.

Well, it's not that I wasn't ok with the project...I'm fine with the project itself, just not the presenting part...but I'll have to explain that another day (probably one of the next few days).

Anyway, we had to create a "Soundtrack" of our life and select 8 different songs (although my soundtrack has 10) relating to important events in our lifetime. We could put the songs in any order and choose any songs we wished, but we had to put some thought into it...and we then had to write a letter to the "listener" to describe why we chose each song. We also had to relate each event to something in psychology...which wasn't exactly easy, but I accomplished it.

Actually, I did the majority of the project all last night (and it's not due till next week), and I made the CD cover today...which you'll see down below. I selected all Disney songs, of course, and here's a brief overview of the soundtrack...which I will probably make as a playlist on Youtube sometime soon...and the events that correspond with each song.

1. When You Wish Upon a Star (First Disney Trip)
2. Raiders March - Indiana Jones (The birth of my younger brother)
3. When Can I See You Again? (Fond memories of family not seen for many years)
4. Everybody Wants to be a Cat (Learning an instrument/Jazz Band)
5. Life's a Happy Song (Meeting my Best Friend)
6. Promise (Memories of Disney trips with family)
7. If I Didn't Have You (High School & making new friends)
8. Golden Dream (Elected Band President)
9. When Will My Life Begin? (College Planning/Future Decisions)
10. Life is a Highway (Is Disney Childish?)

The last song I'll talk about further sometime, as it's the one I'm presenting to the class, but it's a long enough point to write an entire post on instead of making this one much longer!

So today I set to making the cover, which was originally going to be really easy, but ended up taking about 3-4 hours of my day and, well, it's worth it. It's inspired by the Disney/Pixar Greatest CD that was put out a couple of years ago. I loved the cover so much and it worked really well for what I was doing. The title just seemed appropriate...both because the CD's theme and my life really is Disney, and it's the name of this blog. Might as well stay constant.

Have a magical day!