Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: Limited Time Magic

If you haven't heard, the theme this year in the Disney parks is "Limited Time Magic." What does this mean? It means that throughout the entire year Disney is putting together special experiences for their guests...but here's the catch...each one only lasts for about a week. So you never know what you will be experiencing, other than it will be something that you wouldn't normally experience.

I'm not going to Disney until July, and at first I wasn't going at all (hopefully I'll get a trip to Disneyland in there too...but we'll see about that), and so I somewhat prepared myself all those weeks ago when this was announced. Yeah...apparently the preparing part didn't work so well, as I now am stuck in this awful situation...much like the rest of you. I am very envious of those at Disney just about all the time.

I follow several Disney blogs, including the Disney Parks blog...but I tell you, whenever the week's limited time magic comes out, I am never able to not be jealous. For instance, some of the things going on include rare character sightings...I believe Robin Hood and friends were out somewhere...special food at California Adventure for the Lunar New Year, and a special Winter Celebration over in the Canada Pavilion  How am I supposed to ignore all of that amazingness!?!

But, it does leave me wondering. What exactly will my trip bring? What will be the "limited magic" when I go? Will I have to stop and greet the rare characters, or will I get some sort of special food. Of course, I'm going right after the Fourth of July...the end of that week I something to do with that? Who knows...but I have to say, I'm very excited to see what Disney has in store for me!

Have a magical day!

(This blog post was written on January 23 due to sickness...but I caught up! That's why it might not make a lot of sense...unless I can predict the future!)