Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5: Disney Pinner

While thinking about how I was going to start today's blog entry, I was originally planning on an overview of my Disney collection. But since it is already quite dark out, it wouldn't be that great of a time for taking my bedroom is a complete mess at the moment. Ok, maybe not a complete mess, but close enough. Then I was going to write about the stereotype of Disney being childish...but my thoughts just weren't in a row with that one and it wasn't going much of anywhere.

So now I'm stuck with nothing to write...which is terrible because there is so much Disney in my life...and I should be able to do a blog post a day easily. But once and a while we have a long day where everything else just kind of takes over the Disney portion of life too, which is a sad sad day...but when those days come, I just go to Pinterest!

Now for those that don't know...I have a pinterest...and you can find a link to my personal pinterest at the side of the page (there's a Mickey mouse link for it!) I have 17 boards...and just passed 3,000 pins, but over a third of that is all Disney. Yes...ALL Disney. Just find my "Everyday Disney" board.

I have a lot of real randomness over on that Disney board...but of course, it all focuses on Disney. It comes and goes depending on what I'm searching for too...sometimes I'll be looking for EPCOT Specific things, and other times I'm just going through the Disney board of another pinner. But in the end it all works go check it out, and I'll be doing some posts here on Disney pins I've done and my real thoughts on them...I'm sure. =)