Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14: The Monorails

Here's a random topic for you:

This morning I have had Disney on my brain...go figure. I'm thinking this is because of one of two possible reasons. Either (a). I really DID have a dream about Indiana Jones last night and that's just stuck in my head (I honestly can't remember what it was about other than Indy and Marion were there) or (b). It's because I listened to the track from Spaceship Earth on my drive to school today.

As much as I love Indiana Jones, and it is quite possible that is the reason I am having Disney thoughts this morning, I have a pretty good feeling it's the second option. Either way, aside from thinking about Indy all morning, I also had a moment where I started comparing colors to that of the Disney World Monorail system.

For those who know about the monorails, you obviously know that there are 12 colors currently (although one is dressed as the Avengerail at the moment), and if you know them well enough you can probably name every single one off the top of your head. That's what I did this morning...starting with peach because that's the color my friend's excel worksheet came up as for a chart. So I simply named them all: Red (Avengerail), Blue, Lime, Green, Coral, Peach, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Black, Orange, and of course, Teal. was quite easy to name all of those.

But I think that these thoughts express just how much I do think about Disney...and how it affects my every day life, in a good way of course! The little reminders of Disney all around me just happen to brighten my day, which in this case is down-ridden with homework after being sick for three days last week. Luckily I can now access blogger at school, so during my study hall I can easily write a blog post in the last few minutes of the hour!

I do think that is enough of my rambling for one day though...have a magical day!