Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20: Imagineering the Magic

On this lovely morning, as I work on my English Paper, I've decided to put on a video...specifically a Disney one.

So I asked my friend which of the movies I had I should watch, and she decided I should watch this one:

So now I'm watching it, and honestly it's an excellent DVD...and I'm only a few minutes into it! It really makes it apparent how this really was Walt's last dream...although I think we all know he would have kept dreaming long after Walt Disney World. I honestly can't understand why people would be so angry or negative about something like Walt Disney World. Maybe he bought land under a code name, but they would have made prices so impossible if they had known. And today, I don't think people understand the magic and the determination and the effort that went into creating the Magic Kingdom. 

And if you've never heard the story of how Walt's brother Roy worked to open the Magic Kingdom, you really need to. It's an amazing story of how Roy came out of retirement after Walt's death to make sure that his dream came true. It's just amazing...the bond between those two brothers. 

Now, if you can watch this video as a Disney fan and not want to become an Imagineer...let me know. It really makes me more determined that ever to follow my dream to that program, no matter what it takes to get there. =)

Have a magical day!