Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 29: Gone with the Wind

Well that was the strangest four hour movie about land I've ever seen in my life.

Yes...I'm talking about Gone with the Wind. I watching it this evening...all four hours...for the very first time. I decided a number of months ago that I wanted to watch some of these old movies...especially Casablanca. I guess it was because of the Great Movie Ride more than anything that made me want to watch them. Or maybe it's because since watching Star Wars and Indy I've had this extreme want to watch more movies I've never seen before. Who knows...but it's still probably the GMR.

I made a lot of comparisons to Star Wars during the movie actually...pretty much all to Han and Leia. It seems that the relationship between Rhett and Scarlett is pretty similar to that of Han and Leia...it's just I love Han and Leia much more...maybe because they end up together and everything is fine and dandy...but at the same time, I think the relationship between Rhett and Scarlett was...interesting. Not bad...just interesting. I mean, honestly, if I were Rhett I wouldn't give a damn either after everything she pulled! But the constant fighting and inability to admit the love their share really does remind me of another couple...who also argues constantly and also can't admit they love one another. There's also the posters...that wasn't intentional at all...

Hmmm, notice any...similarities? 

Anyways, overall, "Gone with the Wind" was indeed a good movie. Maybe a little long...but it was still good. I do think I enjoyed the first half much more and was just a little disapointed with the second half...but it was probably all of the lack of explosions. There was just more death and sadness in the second part...but I think a portion of the reason it isn't as strong is because of the inability for people to connect with the characters. I highly doubt most people have been in three marriages when they really love another man who happens to marry his cousin only to figure out that they really love their last husband...who just divorced them. Yeah...it's a complicated movie. 

Next on my movie list...Casablanca, followed by Song of the South. If we do happen to have a day off of school tomorrow (I'm trying not to jinx it), I'll probably watch that one tomorrow in between my work...but we'll see. If you do have time to watch all four hours of "Gone with the Wind" though, I do suggest it. =)

Have a Magical Day!