Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28: Drop Everything

I found this pin on my Pinterest Board, which I often search when I don't have any particular ideas for the blog that day, and I came across this one. 

It's quite true, how I would honestly drop everything and go to Disney. Before my last trip I actually had a challenge with my brother to see who could pack faster. I was able to pack within just over a half hour, but it was several days before our trip, so it was kind of complicated, packing everything. Now, I'm sure I could pack even faster, but I don't really have the need to. Maybe someday I'll have the need to pack that quickly. I think it would be fun. 

But if I could drop everything and go to Disney, I certainly would. If one of my friends walked up and said, "Want to go to Disney World?" I'd say "YES!" And just go. I can get a tooth brush while there, and I could buy a couple of extra shirts and be ready to go. Who needs anything else? The truth is, you don't really need much to go to Disney. Just some money and ask long as you're staying at a Disney resort, you'd be ready to go. Of course, I'd need my medications, such as my Asprin and my motion sickness medicine, but other than that and some contact solution I'd be ready to go. 

So maybe that's what I need to do? I could be always ready to go if I kept those things in my "Magic Satchel," which is a story for another day, but is basically the bag I carry with my everywhere. Then again, the chances of one of my friends randomly showing up at my house and saying, "Let's go!" is pretty slim. Maybe I'll do that to them sometime, but no one will ever do that to me. =(

So if, at some point in the future, my future boyfriend is reading this, take note. Randomly show up and take my on a trip to Disney World. It's a good idea. 

Have a magical day!