Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1: The Beginning...Of Your Future

While it is not yet the new year while I am writing this, I am hoping to get a head start on this blog. This is surely going to be a long post, but I will hopefully split it up into several posts over the next few weeks. For instance, while I don't talk a lot about myself in this particular entry, the next one might be completely about me and my Disney background.

But for starters, I need to explain what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog.

Over the past several years I've been a blog writer. I've loved writing in general, and when I was a Freshman in High School I was brought into the ever expanding world of technology and the internet. I started my first blog for my French class, and from there I began a new blog called WDW Kids, which in all respects, failed and I let it drop to basically nothing. I still have that old blog, because for some reason I can't seem to part with it.

Then, a number of months ago I started this blog, and at the same time I started another blog for something completely different. This blog, Everyday Disney, was going to be my main blog, and the one I posted on everyday, considering the name. Well, even after multiple attempts, that didn't work. But since it is so close to the end of 2012 and so close to the beginning of 2013, I figured that if there was any time to ever start a 365 day blog about Disney, this was it.

And so, here I am, writing what will probably my 4th or 5th "first post" of Everyday Disney. The last several times were unsuccessful, largely because I just didn't have the ambition to do something like a blog post a day, even if it's just several smaller pieces that incorporate to the larger picture. I was thrown off by the lack of views and comments, and in general, felt like I was talking to a wall...much like the one I'm talking to now.

But since I don't have many (or any really) other New Years Resolutions, why can't this be it? Instead of planning to lose weight, eat better, read a series of books, learn how to bake or cook an entire new series of foods, or even write a story (something I am currently doing in my free time already), I am going to do this. I am going to write a blog, called Everyday Disney, which for 365 days, I will write a post a day, or at least put something on the blog in order to keep up with the days. I really do hope that I can accomplish this, because as it appears right now, I love the look of this blog and the idea that it holds, and I hope that you do too, since I would love to have some people follow and chat with me along the way, so that I can share my extreme love of Disney with everyone around me.

Thank You, and here's to a magical year, filled with endless possibilities and new frontiers!

Have a magical day!