Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 275: 101 Reasons I Wish I was at Disney

When I get behind on my blog posts I write down all the days I'm missing and the dates they go with and then just assign topics/titles to each day. It works fairly well because then I certainly don't forget any of the days that I'm supposed to be writing about, but it also allows me a half hour (or less or more depending on how many I'm missing) to just sit and brainstorm ideas for those posts. In the end I have all my topics, but sometimes I just come up with the craziest ideas for what to write about. Hence today's topic.

Yes, I am going to attempt to come up with 101 reasons as to why I wish I was at Walt Disney World, but it probably won't ever get that long. I wonder how many crazy ridiculous things I will come up with before I finally give up. Then again, thinking this through maybe it won't be so hard. I guess we'll just have to find out, won't we?

1. I could just go to Disney...duh. It is my home afterall.
2. I could be riding Spaceship Earth. It's the best thing ever.
3. I could be watching Illuminations or Wishes and having a great time singing along.
4. It's just really hard to take funny ride pictures without the ride...or the picture.
5. As good as my food is here at's not Disney food.
6. Speaking of that...Dole Whips.
7. Turkey Legs.
8. Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bars.
10. Sushi.
11. All the other food because I could go on forever and that wouldn't be fair, now would it?
12. I could be doing all of my homework at the Tangled Rest Area.
13. It would make everything I'm doing for band a lot easier.
14. Going to Disney just makes for a great break.
15. Mickey Mouse and all his friends are there.
16. The music calms me down (moreso when I'm there than listening to it on Youtube).
17. I could get some proper Haunted Mansion decorations for my dorm room.
18. Everything is better at Disney...even Midterms.
19. I would have more pictures for my Instagram.
20. I could live the movies instead of watch them.
21. There aren't any StarSpeeders in Wisconsin.
22. For that same matter...Starport 75 is really far away. Like really far.
23. We have squirrels here at college...Disney has Dug.
24. I could make more vlogs. I love doing that!
25. I don't need sleep at Disney. I need lots of sleep here.
26. For some reason I can't find any doors that lead to Monsters Inc.
27. I could freak out about Disney stuff and it would seem normal.
28. I could celebrate Spaceship Earth Sunday ON Spaceship Earth.
29. There's nothing quite like just a stroll through Magic Kingdom.
30. People watching is awesome...especially from the PeopleMover!
31. I could be practicing my Spanish on the Monorail and Tram.
32. There seems to be a strange lack of Princesses here...
33. Faster Internet
34. I could actually use the Disney apps on my phone.
35. It's a lot easier to learn about Disney with hands on experience.
36. The Haunted Mansion is obviously the best Haunted House ever.
37. I still haven't explored all of New Fantasyland.
38. The Food and Wine Festival is going on. I want to go!
39. Staying at a Disney Resort is like going on vacation at home. So wonderful.
40. The sun just shines brighter at Disney. It also seems to rain harder...but that's beside the point.
41. Being at Disney makes me happy, and I like being happy.
42. I would still be obviously it works as a break from school.
43. I would have a billion and one things to blog about.
44. I haven't been to Disney is three months? SO LONG.
45. Maybe I'd see someone famous if I stay there long enough.
46. There is no better way to end a night than with the Kiss Goodnight.
47. There are such leafy bushes there (hint hint to my brother).
48. I could get a friend for my neighbors fish (who we're fish sitting at the moment).
49. I just seem to be more productive at Disney.
50. It's just plain boring here.
51. Instead of blogging about how I wish I could be at Disney...I would be at Disney.

Ok, I give up. I'm pretty sure some of those don't even count, but hey, 51 is a pretty good number, and I'm sure that if I thought about it long enough I'd be able to come up with 50 more, right? Honestly though, it's just hard to define all the reasons I want to be at Disney. I don't really know what they are, other than it's just this feeling that something is missing. I'm missing Disney, and it's terrible, so I wish I was there.

Too bad I still won't be for a really really long time.

Here's today's Disney History: 1959: Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone makes it debut on CBS-TV with an episode called "Where is Everybody?" In this episode, actor Earl Holliman plays a man who finds himself alone in a strange and seemingly deserted town. The successful series will later be the inspiration for Disney's Tower of Terror park attractions. Ironically an inspection certificate outside the tower's elevators at WDW in Florida have the number 10259 written on it.

Have a magical day!