Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 300: A Day in the Life of Hook

So it's not a question really that tonight had a super awesome episode of Once Upon a that, as I write this, the West Coast has yet to see. So that's not what I'm talking about. Tomorrow's blog post will be "Good Form," and include all my feels about tonight's episode...and there were a lot. So prepare yourself.

But what I'm here to talk about is a little adventure I took on in the past twenty four hours. As you all know, every week I have been Disneybounding as one of the OUAT Characters for the episode. First was Emma, then Mary Margaret, then Charming and finally Neal. But of course, there's a certain pirate that had his own episode this week, and I couldn't pass that one up.

Yes, tonight I was Captain Hook, and you'll see the official picture from that tomorrow as usual. But you see, last night as I was out with my two best friends for dinner and some simple shopping at the Shopko across the river from our college, I was struck with an idea.

Now, honestly this was probably not my best idea. And I mean that seriously. I've had a lot of better ideas. Not that it was my worst idea, but it does make for a wonderfully interesting blog post! And so you ask: What is this idea?

Well, for the past 24 hours (6:30 last night until 8 tonight, right after OUAT), I lived as Captain Hook. No, I didn't go find the Jolly Rodger and fly away to Neverland wearing leather pants (I don't even own that...and don't intend to). But, I did channel my inner Hook, and I used only one hand. ONE HAND. Of course, there are a few things that you can't do with only one hand, so I did use my left hand once and a while, but only in the shape of a Hook, and when I did finally get my hands on a fake hook for the costume (which I'll also be wearing for Halloween this week), I used that quite a bit, because honestly, if I couldn't have a hand...I'd want a Hook. It's actually fairly useful (and would probably be even more useful if it was legitimately attached to my arm and make of metal and I wouldn't have to just hold on to it with my actual hand.

But just as my friends were did I do some of the things I did in the past 24 hours? In order to come up with the things that were hardest, I made a list! So let's start with Yesterday...

Putting on a coat. That is really difficult with one hand. Probably one of the more difficult parts of getting dressed with one hand actually. Other than that, buttons are terrible things. Terrible, awful things. As is the idea of tucking in your shirt. That's not fun either. You'd think pants would be the hardest...but was the shirt and all the stupid buttons and the coat. Gosh.

Now, last night I was still trying to get used to not using my left hand...and I have to mention that that's one of the hardest things. Forgetting that you're not supposed to be using your left hand. I guess this probably isn't a huge problem for Hook, since it's kind of attached to his arm and he doesn't have a hand....while I had a hand the whole time.

Texting is a lot slower with just one hand. It's just hard. Anything with your phone is.

Shopping. That is a difficult thing with one hand. You use your arm a lot though when you're without a hand. I went to Shopko with my friends and had leftovers from my meal earlier so it was interesting trying to carry everything and not look crazy. That's another thing: Looking crazy. Eventually you become so aware of the fact that you're not supposed to be using your hand in an experiment like this that you are suddenly like "What are others thinking?" I mean, it's kind of awkward to use your mouth to do things when you have a perfectly good hand right there that you're obviously not using...and you know why that is, but the other people don't so it's just awkward.

Getting out of my bunk bed was WAY harder than getting in. Climbing up I just pretended I was Hook climbing the beanstalk, so it was kind of interesting. But getting down...yeah, totally almost fell. Especially since I was really trying to be quiet for my still sleeping roommate.

Driving, that was kind of interesting with one hand, but not awful. Not terrible at all really. I mean, I used my hand a couple of times here because, well, I wanted to live, and I would prefer it if others around me stay alive, so I used it there once or twice, but mostly I just used my right hand. In other words, if Hook ever wanted to settle down in Storybrooke, there's good hope for him being able to use a car.

Carrying things is also interesting...especially a laundry basket up two flights of stairs and having to open two doors in the process.

But then we get to the parts my friends just could not figure out until I showed them: doing my hair and makeup for tonight's Disneybound. As you can see in this picture, I have eyeliner on, my makeup is totally done otherwise and my hair, yes, is curled. The question I got a lot was how in the world did I curl my hair with one hand? Well, truth be told...I did not do it with one hand. I did it with one hand and a hook. The hook makes it surprisingly much easier...actually it was easier with the hook than without the hook (but still not using my hand, obviously). I'll talk more about why my hair was curled tomorrow though. The makeup wasn't all that bad to put on either. A lot of walking back and forth between my counter and my mirror, but that wasn't bad. It was really difficult trying to open all the makeup though. Those lids are on tight and with one hand it just doesn't work very well. Contacts are also interesting. So let's hope Hook never needs glasses.

Going back to hair though, I finally figured out why Hook on OUAT does not have a with one hand & a hook sucks. It's terrible. Like it's so frustrating because it's just there and you have no way of moving it and you can't put it up and ugh. Probably one of the more obnoxious things to deal with in the last 24 hours.

Otherwise, here's a short list of other really difficult things I faced: plugging things in to a socket and taking them out (mostly from an extension chord - then again Hook and technology would be interesting no matter what), opening any sort of box or thing, not looking ridiculous, having a numb left hand because you didn't move it all day, putting mousse in my hair to curl it and finally, carrying a chair across the way from one friend's dorm to another friend's dorm because you use that chair pretty much every time you watch OUAT.

Overall, being Hook was kind of fun. Not that I would want to do it all the time unless I was getting paid for it, much like Colin is. But otherwise it was certainly interesting and made for some great laughs.

Now if only I could get Colin to tweet me back.

Here's today's Disney History: 1966: Walt Disney films a special television presentation at his studio in California, a 25-minute preview of his plans for the Florida Project - Disney World, and especially the details for EPCOT, the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow."

Have a magical day!