Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 301: Good Form

Ahhh, my favorite time of the week: Once Upon a Time time. Always a great time. Actually, I hate Mondays, other than for the single hour I have right after my alto sax lesson and before Wind Ensemble where I get to rewatch the episode of Once Upon a Time for the week, and it also helps that then I've seen it twice and am able to accurately describe my feelings from throughout the episode.

Honestly, speaking of my feelings, this episode had them all over the place. I guess that's to be expected since it's an entire episode about my favorite character: Captain Hook, or should I say Killian Jones? Oh, speaking of that, Spoiler alert starts right now for episode 3x05: Good Form!

That's not how the episode started though. In fact, it started with Neal...and then a surprising clip of Henry and the Lost Boys. Was that Henry using magic right there? I mean, he made a believing it was a sword. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one freaking out about the fact that Henry is becoming a Lost Boy...sounds like Emma & Company will have to save him in more ways than one.

After that, in the opening of Hook's story, we find Emma and everyone in Neal's cave. Emma, struggling with the mattress-like thing Neal apparently slept on all those day in Neverland, encounters yet another pun from Hook about hands. Honestly I love it when he does that because it always makes me laugh. The scene wasn't funny though: Neal (then Bae) apparently stopped counting his days on Neverland. Problematic. Still, we get our first moment of Hook being awesome in his little discussion with which she blows him off.

And then Charming. Oh dear God, I am honestly starting to hate that man. Stubborn, and ugh! Does he just forget that he was once just a Shepherd? He has no right to call Hook "just a pirate" and therefore infer that he never has a chance with Emma. If that were the truth, then Charming certainly wouldn't be married to Snow, right? I mean, come on!

But it brings up a great point: How did Hook become a pirate? And that's just what we're going to find out. Turns out that Killian Jones was not always a pirate...but I think we knew that already. Actually, Litenient Jones was an honorable man, always concerned with Good Form (hence the title). He notes that Rum leads to drunkenness, and drunkenness leads to bad form, and when I was working last night on finishing AlcoholEdu for college stuff, they had all these questions about alcohol, and I really wanted to list that quote as a reason why I won't drink. I didn't, but I really really wanted to.

And then we find out that Hook actually has a brother, or had a brother, named Liam, and they set sail aboard what will eventually become the Jolly Rodger on a mission to find a plant for the king. This offers us my absolute favorite shot from I think any of the episodes this season, and especially from this episode. I don't know why, but it just makes me smile every single time. He's so happy! Good to see this side of Hook!

Meanwhile, back in the enchanted forest, Charming continues to be annoying and not telling Snow and Emma about the fact that he's gonna die in what, a few hours? Hook seems pretty annoyed with this, and it turns out that he's annoyed by this because he lost his brother in a similar fashion...dreamshade on the island. He never really had a chance to say goodbye and that's why he's so angry that Charming isn't telling them. He won't have a chance to say goodbye, and more importantly, they won't have a chance to say goodbye.

Back in the enchanted forest (or should I say on the enchanted ocean), The Jolly Rodger is flying with a special sail right to Neverland. And so the brothers set a course to the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Meanwhile, again, Emma and Company are chatting with Hook, who's letting everyone know of a special sextant that will help them get home. And then there's a tearful goodbye between Charming and everyone...which is also somewhat awkward because, well, Emma doesn't exactly expect hugs from her dad every day of her life, especially ones that he sees as a goodbye. Then Charming and Snow have a moment before Charming heads off with his new mate, Hook!

So while they're off on their adventure, Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina have a little adventure to capture a lost boy to send a message to Henry. They take out his heart, which is a decision that Emma partly made against her mother, and they send the kid off with a mirror to give to Henry that ultimately enables them to see and talk to Henry. Honestly that part was pretty adorable.

Charming and Hook, up on a hike, start to bond and then attack each other, and then bond, and then Hook climbs the mountain and meets Pan, who, in a shocking moment, offers Hook a deal. Hook can leave, on his ship, with Emma. Everyone else has to stay, but he can run off, if only Hook kills Charming and puts his body atop the mountain with his hook in Charming's heart. Huh, didn't know Pan was one for gruesome scenes. Either way, Hook refuses, or does he?

Back in time, Killian and Liam arrive in Neverland and meet Peter Pan, who's pretty confused about who they are and who the King they speak of is, especially because they're looking for Dreamshade. Huh, they think it's medicine, turns out it's not and the king wants to kill them all. At least that's what Killian thinks. Meanwhile Liam is being all adult like and doesn't listen to Peter, even though in reality they should. They hike up the mountain and find the dreamshade, and then, of course, Liam, being all angsty and stupid, cuts himself with the stuff and pretty much dies. Meanwhile Pan appears and lets Killian know that there's special water right there that can heal him. Too bad he fails to mention that the water and the healing power only works on Neverland. Liam dies once they get back. More on that later though.

Charming climbs the mountain up after Hook and they go to find the sextant, but in reality Hook has lead him right to the place where the dreamshade is really thick, behind which is the water that will save his life: but only if he stays on Neverland. Charming almost dies, but drinks it anyway and is healed.

Out on the Enchanted Ocean, Liam is dead. The saddest part about this I feel is that he died in Hook's arms, just as Milah did. Turns out that Killian Jones has had more loss that any of us really knew about. His father abandoned him, who knows what happened to his mom, his brother died in his arms and then his love Milah did the same. No wonder he wants to help these people and maybe get a happy ending!

So they trek back down the mountain and meet back up with Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina. All seems happy again. Charming mentions that they couldn't find the sextant, but that Hook saved his life. He doesn't say how (therefore continuing to lie), but everyone seems pretty happy with the fact that Hook is ow a hero. He didn't bring it on himself or anything. Charming did. So they all drink to Hook and then, CaptainSwan fans prepare yourself, again, we get a heated kiss between Hook and Emma. Doesn't seem too far away from camp though. I mean, Charming and Snow and Regina are totally right there, but you know. Whatever works. More on this in a minute.

Finally, we find out just how Killian Jones went from respectable to pirate. After the death of his brother, and the fact that the King apparently wants everyone dead, Jones gives a rousing speech that turns his crew and himself into a bunch of pirates. Now, if I were on that ship I'd want to be a pirate in that moment too. It was a pretty epic speech if I do say so myself.

But the real shocker of the episode is this: Hook knows. He's now got a big fat secret: Neal is on the island and is alive. Pan told him, and now Hook has to make the decision of whether he should tell Emma or not. Boom. That's about all I can say there, other than the fact that he'd better tell her.

So overall, this is honestly my new favorite episode, probably because it's just Hook, Hook and more Hook, but I thought it was a great backstory with wonderful parallels to everything. A lot to keep track of, but it's not every day a man becomes a pirate, so yeah. And it's not every day a pirate becomes an honorable man again.

Gosh I could talk about this for hours. I have been talking for almost an hour actually because I just basically rewatched the episode as I wrote to get the screenshots. Works for me! I have an hour in between classes on Tuesday, and after this break I have a ton of classes. Either way, if you have seen the Princess Bride, you may or may not have caught up on the reference Hook offers. If not, I have three words for you:

"As You Wish."

You see, in the Princess Bride, the entire thing is about how Wesley says that to Buttercup, and everytime he says "As You Wish" what he really means is "I love You." Turns out that this moment right here is where Hook realizes that he more than just "Fancies" Emma. Looks like we have a legitimate love triangle on our hands.

But I will leave you with this, and a question. Who is in that other box hanging next to Neal!?!

I totally almost forgot (Actually I did forget and am adding this in later!), but here is my Hook Disneybound from this week! Honestly it's probably my favorite so far, just because it was pretty epic to have the hook and everything, and the eyeliner and to match up the pictures. Gosh it was fun. One of my favorite parts, aside from the hook itself was one of the rings I had (yes, I had three, just like Hook himself) has a little ship on it (thanks to my mom!) and that just made me laugh so I had to add it in. Next week was originally Henry, but I've changed that, so you'll have to see what I have in store!

Here's today's Disney History: 1971: The Dapper Dans of Disney World (a barbershop quartet) perform their first show outside of WDW, an evening performance at a convention in Cocoa Beach since relocating to Florida from Disneyland, California. 

Have a magical day, and remember: Rum leads to bad form!