Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 279: Lost Girl

Well, here it is, the second episode of Season 3 of Once Upon a Time, and I'm pretty sure that this season I'm just going to go on some sort of rantish thing for every episode, because that just makes sense, right? I mean, when you're looking at this year there are only what, 9 episodes left.

Wait. 9 episodes left. That's it? And then another "summer break" that's really a winter break but is three months (12 weeks) long?!? I'm going to die.

But before I die, I suppose I can just go on talking about tonight's episode, which, in true Oncer fashion, I loved! Honestly, after watching it twice (I'm actually writing this on the 9th to be sure that spoilers aren't revealed...and I was sick sooooo), it certainly does prove that the original magic we found in season one is back. So here are some of my comments.

I kind of wanted to save this for the end, but didn't. Can we just stop for a minute and talk about Hook? I mean, even if you aren't a CaptainSwan shipper or don't like Hook a ton, you have to admit that his banter and lines in this episode were, as he would say, Bloody Brilliant! Between him and Charming arguing the entire episode and his little moments with Emma, I just couldn't handle it. The big one of the night though? This:

Now don'y you deny it. You laughed, didn't you? You did! Yeah, and that kind of stuff just continued throughout the entire episode. It really, really did. So much Captain Hook and all of it spectacular! 

Anyway, moving on from how hilarious Hook is, I thought the entire theme of the episode was wonderful. We've all been waiting for that Emma/Mary Margaret conversation since the curse broke, and we finally got it. I have never seen Emma as one to really rely on her parents, even after she accepts them as that. She was best friends with Mary Margaret before the curse broke, and they are the same age, so that has to be more than a bit creepy. In other words, I love the fact that Emma got the map to work only after admitting she's an orphan. I can't wait to see how this comes into play in the next number of episodes, because in reality she's a lost girl, and hasn't forgiven her parents, and therefore she won't be able to leave the island either, right? But then there's the fact that Rumple and Hook are also both Orphans, and they left? It's hard to say because we don't really know how either of that worked, and now we're getting Tinkerbell into the mix, with Regina being her enemy, so we'll see where that all goes.

But by far the biggest shocker of the episode was Charming. Now, David has always been one of my favorite characters. In fact, he was my favorite up until I rewatched Season 2, when Hook pulled ahead in the race for my favorite character (although I will always totally love Emma, and Henry. I mean, how can you not love Henry?). But this episode honestly made me hate him a little bit. Like just the way he wasn't trusting Hook at all was getting on my nerves. Yes, Hook is my favorite so that's probably half the reason I was angry, but Hook does know Neverland better than anyone else in that group, so shouldn't Charming be trusting him? Totally just realized something else too but I'll rewatch it to make sure I'm correct before anything else. 

The ending though. What IS going to happen to Charming? We know that he was hit with a poison arrow, one that will put him through a slow and painful death. But he's such a main character. They can't kill him, right? That just doesn't seem logical at all. But then how in the galaxy does Charming survive? I'm just speculating here, but I'm pretty sure it's going to have something to do with Hook, because that makes a lot of sense. I won't say anything more though. 

But aside from all that, I realized something else, something that totally made me really happy. Neal wasn't in this episode at all! It was just such smooth sailing on the CaptainSwan front!

Oh, and I almost forgot! One of my friends suggested that every week I Disneybound as a character from Once Upon a Time. So last week was Emma of course, and this week I did Mary Margaret! The dress is really more of a Belle dress, but I added the Cardigan, hairstyle and some flats to make it more Mary Margaret. I can't wait for next week's though!!!

Anyways, here's today's Disney History: 1927: Walt Disney watches the Warner Brothers preview of The Jazz Singer (one of the first films to feature sound) at the Warner Theater in New York City. Walt realizes that he needs to add audio to his cartoons.

Have a magical day!