Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 282: Missing Home

Remember all those times I've talked about Disney Depression? Yeah, I have it. I have it bad.

For some strange reason (and maybe it has something to do with the blog post you'll see tomorrow), I just really really really want to be at Disney right now. Ok, it's also possible that this is occurring now because I still have a wonderful 257 days until the next time I leave for Disney (and in reality you need to add a day to that because of travel time since we'll be on a bus). I really do hope that through some miracle I get to head home sooner than that, but it brings up an interesting topic, and it really does have to do with my life these days.

Most people, or at least I feel it's often times a stereotype of most people, when they come to college get homesick at some point or another. You get to this point where you really miss your parents and siblings and pets and bed and everything about your former home and you must accept that you now live at college (that place I've been living at for a month and a half now). But I honestly haven't gotten home sick. I guess not a ton of people that I know really really have. We've all pretty much gone home enough to not be homesick, but I assume that for some it will still occur within the next couple of months. And then come December we'll all just want Finals to be over so we can go home.

The truth is though, I'm always homesick, and somedays more than other. My brother and I are always sure to refer to WDW as our home. We're not going on vacation anymore. We're going home. And on the way back, we're just going on a really long boring extended vacation. So to tell the truth, I get homesick a lot more than what others might here at college.

And that goes for right now. I'm homesick. I want to go to Disney so badly. I'm listening to Tomorrowland music at the moment, which has lately been my go-to music when I'm doing any kind of homework or work on my laptop (obviously like working on my blog, which I really do need to catch up on). But I'll listen to all kinds of Disney music and it just makes me want to go more. And then I'll look at pictures and I want to go even more. I'll change my background on my phone to Disney, and grow a little sad everytime I turn on my laptop and see my picture of Spaceship Earth. I want to know everything that's going on at Disney, and I start making plans for my fake Disney vacation (and my real one too, of course!). Disney starts to seep in where I really don't need it to be, and while Once Upon a Time is also doing a great job of showing up in all my homework at the time (Did the book really need a Gregory Mendell? I don't think so), it's still there. Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook and the internet in general remind me every single day that I'm not at Disney, and to be truthful, it sucks!

I guess by tomorrow I'll probably be a bit better about it. I'll have to be because I have to write a couple of rough drafts for papers tomorrow and Friday and will need my complete focus to get that done. Looks like I'll be listening to a lot of Disney Parks music over the next few days. It's really difficult to be sick the week of/week before midterms. I tell you, it's not fun. Couldn't I have gotten sick like two weeks ago? Yeah, that would have been great.

Anyways, that's just what's on my mind on this lovely October evening, especially since I really need to get going with this blog. Being busy and being sick put a damper on this first part of October. But worry not, I'm working to make up those days I missed, and I'm planning on getting back into my nightly routine of blogging, because it does make me pretty happy, even if I'm not doing it from the Tangled Rest Area in Magic Kingdom.

Here's today's Disney History: 1919: Walt Disney, who has served as a Red Cross volunteer in France, arrives back in the United States. Aboard the SS Canada, he pulls into New York Harbor after a long slow trip. Walt will be discharged the following day and arrive back in Chicago October 11.

Have a magical day!