Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 304: Happy Halloween!

Honestly, I've never really been a fan of Halloween. I'm more of a Christmas person, and I never saw the appeal is dressing up to go out and get a bunch of candy. I never ate the candy anyway, so what was the point, right? It just didn't make any sense to me. I mean, I generally had a costume (and I really love funny ones honestly, like one year I dressed up as a Christmas disaster. I have pictures somewhere), and I went trick or treating when I was a kid, but I generally didn't dress up for school or anything. It just wasn't my thing. In fact, for a long time I hated it. Yes, I hated Halloween.

But I guess getting older has mellowed me out a bit. I don't really hate Halloween anymore, and I generally do participate in festivities now, only I'm just not crazy about it like some people. I have very few decorations, but my house does look pretty awesome at Halloween. Of course, I did have to steal something to put in my dorm room for the holiday, and nothing says Halloween like my family's set of Hitchhiking Ghosts. Not that my family was very happy about that, but I think they fit in quite nicely here in my dorm room. =)

And of course I had to have a costume. Last year, as you saw in yesterday's post, I was Han Solo, and I worked pretty hard on that costume. I loved being Han Solo. But you can't be Han Solo forever, you just can't, as awesome as it is. So this year, of course, I went with Hook, because, well, I already had the entire thing done because of OUAT this last week, so it worked out great. No clue what I'll be next year but we'll cross that path when we come to it. 

Actually I was almost Indiana Jones, and a little bit of me is sad that I wasn't because I did Hook this week already and Indy would have been something different. That's ok though, I'll just have to do that some other time. I mean, I guess I technically can Disneybound as Indy whenever I want to. 

One of my favorite parts of the costumes on our floor in our dorm though was the fact that our RA Allyson was dressed as the Evil Queen. Worked perfect, so here's a picture of Hook & The Evil Queen, just because that's seriously awesome. I sent it to both Colin and response as of yet. 

And then here's a picture of pretty much my entire floor dressed up. Just felt right to include. We took like 20 pictures because everyone wanted on their phone and honestly that just a long time to hold the eyebrow. 

So that was my Halloween. My best friend has a midterm tomorrow, so she didn't dress up at all, but we decided that if she had she should have been Charming because that would have just been hilarious. We would have been mates! 

Here's today's Disney History: 2005: Gary Estrada rides Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion ride for the 999th time. He's the first person (to Disney's knowledge) to hit that goal in just 10 months. Estrada began his marathon riding in January. 

Have a magical day!