Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 285: Caught Back Up

You know what I love? When I'm all caught up on my blog. That's right, as of today, October 12, 2013, I am OFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP.

What does this mean, exactly? It means that I'm 100% done with all of the different posts before this. Yes, it took me about three hours or more to catch up on it all. Actually, probably a lot longer than that, but it's still worth it because I'm all caught up and that is awesome.

So here's a list of all the posts I just worked on so you can go read them if you wish. Otherwise you'll miss them completely! Because they won't really appear on the new blog screen because some of them are a couple of weeks back.

Day 197: The Hardest Part
Day 264: La Peri
Day 265: The Laugh Floor 
Day 267: The Art of Disney
Day 268: My Disney Collection V5
Day 269: Simple Disney Things
Day 275: 101 Reasons I wish I was at Disney
Day 276: Making Movies, Kind Of
Day 278: A Few of my Favorite Things V3

A couple to note are the two new additions to my ongoing blog series. I have a new volume of My Disney Collection and a new volume of A Few of my Favorite Things, so be sure to check those out. As well as the final one from my Disney trip. In the end though, I'm just really really glad that everything is caught up. Now I can continue to blog daily without having to worry about what I'm missing!

And tomorrow I'll be for sure blogging. What's tomorrow? Sunday! And that means ONCE UPON A TIME! So of course I'll have a blog post on "Quite a Common Fairy!"

Remember to #Tinkerbell tomorrow!

Here's today's Disney History: 2008: Today is the final day of operation for the Sun Wheel, an attraction at Disney California Adventure. Although inspired by Coney Island's 1927 Wonder Wheel, this opening-day attraction differed from conventional Ferris wheels. The Sun Wheel's 16 orange and purple gondolas ride on interior rails so they slide inward & outward as the wheel rotates. It will reopen with new theming in 2009 as Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Have a magical day!