Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 290: Midterms, Coffee and Awesomeness

As a Freshman in college, I have to say that I'm learning to appreciate the little things in life. Like coffee. I love coffee. Actually, we have a great coffee shop here on campus, one that I drink way too much coffee from, but that's ok. Or the fact that I got an A on my first midterm, which I took last week. Or that I completed two other midterms and finished a paper and talked to my professor about a different paper. Yeah, all great things.

Oh...and Once Upon a Time.

But I'm not going to talk about that. I don't want to reveal anything. Although there's a fair chance that some of you already know what I'm talking about. Still, I will not be the one to spill the beans. HAHA that was actually no pun intended but ended up being a great joke. Gosh I love that show.

No, today we're talking about the little things in life, remember? Like the little bits of Disney that just make your day awesome. For instance, tonight as I was seriously procrastinating on my homework, I came across lots of little Disney things that made me happy. Just going on Youtube or Pinterest has a wealth of little Disney things, many of which I have discussed. If you follow Disney blogs like I do, then you obviously see a lot of this stuff.

But I'm saying the little things down to the Disney Parks Commercials on TV, currently which are running through the Disney Side campaign I talked about last week. Or the set of Vinylmation I have on my desk here at college. My E-Ticket mug that I probably use more here at college than I ever did at home. Or the Annual Passholder magnet I have on the side of my mini-fridge (which I use because it's right here next to my desk.

And what about the Disney Parks music I continuously have been listening to these past few days as I studied for all my midterms. I think I listened to my 3 hour long play list at least 10 times this week. At least. Probably more than that. I think last night I made it through 2 and a half times. Just goes to show you how long I was sitting here. Granted, depending on what I was doing I sometimes skipped a song, but you get the point.

Anyways, since I got really distracted by planning my future Once Upon a Time Disneybounds, it is now 11:55 and I want to actually post this today yet.

So here's today's Disney History: 1965: The World's Fair in Flushing, New York, officially ends. The fair included 4 attractions developed by Walt Disney: General Electric's Carousel of Progress, Ford's Magic Skyway, Pepsi-Cola's It's a Small World, and the State of Illinois' Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Have a magical day!