Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 303: A Year of Star Wars

You know, time really does fly. In fact, I very specifically remember the day that occurred exactly a year ago. It was the day that The Walt Disney Company bought up Lucasfilm, and therefore, bought Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It was an interesting day, to say the least, on both sides of the equation.

On the negative side, a lot of people were upset about the other announcement of three new Star Wars films coming in the future. It seems that people in our world forget that Disney is more than just Mickey Mouse, and they also forget that Disney and Lucasfilm have had a long and successful relationship before this event occurred. It really surprised people, who thought that if it should go to anyone it should go to like Universal or something, or, "a company that doesn't make cartoons and fairytales."

Personally I believe that to be ridiculous. I have since the beginning. Disney has had Star Wars in the parks for a long time, and it's all been very successful, as have the Indy attractions at the different parks throughout the world. Just as Disney bought Marvel, they bought Lucasfilm, and honestly I felt that this second purchase was much less shocking. If George Lucas was ever going to sell his company, it would be ridiculous to sell it to anyone other than Disney. It just wouldn't make any sense.

And so, as you can tell, I'm happy about it. In fact, my first response wasn't happy, but was worry. I am a fan of ApprenticeEh, as you already know (although lately I've gotten behind because I've been so busy! That seriously makes me sad), and Corey is a huge Star Wars fan. In fact that's how I got into Youtube, and I've talked about all of that previously. Either way, my first question was "what will Corey think? Will he be happy? Angry? Confused?"

It was hardly 20 minutes after the announcement when this appeared:

And then once I knew that Corey was cool with it, I was relieved. Especially since I was Han Solo for last Halloween, and therefore a Disney character (just because me dressed as anything BUT a Disney character is seriously ridiculous). 

It was a pretty legit costume. 

Either way, it's kind of crazy that it's now been a year since all that happened. It feels like it was just the other day, but at the same time, thinking about how much has all happened since then, it feels like it should have been more than a year. I mean, now we've got some various news about Star Wars, such as the latest rumor that Han Solo will be returning for not one, but three films (and that in order to get HF back they are throwing another Indiana Jones into the deal!). It's all just kind of crazy!

So I guess this is kind of a birthday. Not really though, unless you count it as the birthday of the partnership between Lucasfilm and Disney. Not that that's a good way to say it either, but oh well!

Here's today's Disney History (which you already know): 2012: The Walt Disney Company announces an outlay of $4.05 billion for the purchase of the Lucasfilm company, founded by director George Lucas and the creator of franchises like "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones." Disney also reveals that it plans to create a new chapter in the famous galactic saga - "Star Wars: Episode 7" - to premiere in 2015. 

Have a magical day!